Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep: How To Beat The Mysterious Figure

The Mysterious Figure is a secret, optional boss in Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep that can only be unlocked once the Final Episode has been cleared and Vanitas’s Lingering Spirit has been beaten.

Not only is the Mysterious Figure one of the hardest bosses to beat in this game, but he’s also touted as one of the hardest bosses to beat in all of the Kingdom Hearts series.


  1. Where To Find The Mysterious Figure
  2. Best Keyblade To Equip For The Mysterious Figure Boss Fight
  3. Recommended Command Skills & Abilities
  4. Mysterious Figure’s Moves To Watch Out For & How To Counter Them
  5. How To Beat The Mysterious Figure (Best Strategy & Tips)

Where To Find The Mysterious Figure

The Mysterious Figure can only be fought by all three main characters on their respective save data once you’ve fulfilled two requirements.

Final Episode Cleared (Battle Report)

The first requirement is that you have to unlock and clear the Final Episode.

It doesn’t matter which difficulty you clear the Final Episode in. As long as you have saved data of it where it has been cleared, the Mysterious Figure will automatically be unlocked for all three characters’ saves.

The second requirement is for you to beat Vanitas’s Lingering Spirit, which can be found in the Badlands area of The Keyblade Graveyard once the Final Episode has been cleared.

Vanitas’s Lingering Spirit

After beating Vanitas’s Lingering Spirit, you’ll find the Mysterious Figure in the Land Of Departure.

World Map (The Land Of Departure)

The boss battle with the Mysterious Figure will immediately start as soon as you visit this world, so make sure you prepare your Command Deck and Abilities before entering The Land of Departure!

Recommended Commands And Abilities

Command Deck (Battle Commands)

Recommended Command Skills
Thunder Surge
Dodge Roll (Ventus) Slide (Terra) Cartwheel (Aqua)
Renewal Barrier (Aqua) Renewal Block  (Terra & Ventus)

We recommend equipping Thunder Surge , which is also considered one of the best command skills for boss fights in the Mirage Arena, as well as Cure in your Command Deck.

Cure takes priority over Cura or Curaga simply because all of the Mysterious Figure’s attacks are very strong and can one-shot you, making large-scale healing practically useless. Moreover, Cure has a faster Reload time.

Command Deck (Action Commands)

Also, don’t forget to equip fully upgraded copies of Dodge Roll for Ventus, Cartwheel for Aqua, and Slide for Terra, as you’re going to have to dodge a lot in this boss fight.

Renewal Block for Terra and Ventus as well as Renewal Barrier  for Aqua are great to have too, but use them wisely as some of the Mysterious Figure’s attacks are hard to block or just outright unblockable.

Menu (Abilities > Once More)

As far as abilities go, keep in mind that the following are essential against this boss, as without them, the Mysterious Figure’s attacks can potentially one-shot your character:

These three abilities increase your character’s survivability, making it easier for you to recover whenever you miss a dodge during battle.

Best Keyblade To Equip For The Mysterious Figure Boss Fight

Since Thunder Surge is the only offensive Command Skill you should have on your deck, we recommend that you use Keyblades that give the highest Strength stat.

Void Gear

For Ventus and Aqua, the best choice would be the Void Gear, which you conveniently get after beating Vanitas’s Lingering Spirit.

Chaos Ripper

For Terra, on the other hand, the best choice should be the Chaos Ripper, which you get after beating Master Eraqus in his storyline.

Mysterious Figure’s Moves To Watch Out For & How To Counter Them

The Mysterious Figure has quite an extensive moveset, but he only has a few moves that you should really watch out for. These moves can ruin the fight even if you use the strategy mentioned above, and they are as follows:

Aqua Gets Hit By Tornado And Loses All Her Battle Commands

Whirlwind allows the Mysterious Figure to summon a moving tornado that not only can damage you from afar but also removes all the Battle Commands you have equipped when it hits you.

It has quite a large AoE despite being a ranged attack, so it is quite hard to avoid unless you’re spamming dodge consistently.

If you do get hit by it, you’ll have to collect your Battle Commands immediately by running over them on the ground.

The Mysterious Figure Uses Collision Magnet

Collision Magnet allows the Mysterious Figure to jump high in the air and then pull you up with him using a lasso of light, before doing follow-up attacks that can automatically kill you regardless of Second Chance and Once More.

You can evade this move by either spamming dodge or dodging towards the Mysterious Figure as soon as he jumps.

Alternatively, if you’re playing the Final Mix version of the game, you can get out of this move mid-air by using Air Slide.

The Mysterious Figure Uses Doom On Aqua

Doom allows the Mysterious Figure to entangle you with his lasso and automatically kill you after a five-second countdown unless you clear the “Press X” QTE successfully.

This move can hit you even while you’re spamming dodge, but you can easily get out of it by preparing to spam-press X at a moment’s notice.

Doom’s countdown does go down a second every time the Mysterious Figure uses it, so be careful!

The Mysterious Figure Uses Summon Copies

Summon Copies, on the other hand, allows the Mysterious Figure to summon multiple copies of himself that have the same moves as him—aside from Vanish.

These copies are a real headache to deal with once they start chasing and attacking you relentlessly, giving you little to no time to either heal or attack.

The easiest way to eliminate them is to use Thunder Surge on them as soon as they spawn. This should kill all of them instantly and even damage the real Mysterious Figure, which should be inactive for a few seconds after using this move.

The Mysterious Figure’s Position Revealed (Invisible)

Lastly, the Mysterious Figure will be able to activate Vanish when he reaches low HP. However, do keep in mind that using any D-Links will prompt him to activate this move earlier in the fight, so be wary!

You will not be able to lock on to the Mysterious Figure whenever he uses Vanish, but he’ll still be partially visible—as shown in the image above.

Thunder Surge and any other attacks can still damage the Mysterious Figure while he’s using Vanish, but it’ll be hard to do so. You can just run away by spamming dodge and hold off on attacking until he is visible again to play it safe.

How To Beat The Mysterious Figure (Best Strategy & Tips)

Mysterious Figure (Boss Intro Cutscene)

Before you fight the Mysterious Figure, the number one thing you need to know is that the higher your level, the higher your chances of winning.

You should ideally be around Level 50 to Level 60 depending on which difficulty you’re playing, just so your attacks deal more damage.

If you’re not in this level range, then I would suggest leveling up first using our comprehensive character leveling guide, which shows you how to level up your characters fast!

Aqua Dodges An Attack With Cartwheel

Now, once you’re in battle, the best strategy to use is to just spam your dodge repeatedly and only attack when there’s an opening. Don’t stay in one location too long or else you’ll be caught by the Mysterious Figure’s attacks.

While you’re dodging, the Mysterious Figure will eventually execute one of his melee combos and will be unable to move for a while.

While he’s doing this, get away and wait until the Mysterious Figure finishes whatever combo attack he’s doing. He will then chase you on foot without attacking, like so:

The Mysterious Figure Chases Aqua

While he’s running towards you would be the perfect moment to hit him with Thunder Surge:

Aqua Uses Thunder Surge On The Mysterious Figure

This attack may stagger the Mysterious Figure for a moment, but don’t be tempted to do a follow-up attack and resume spam-dodging immediately after using Thunder Surge if you want to play it safe!

From there, all you need to do is repeat this cycle, which is dodging away from the Mysterious Figure and casting Thunder Surge whenever there’s an opening.

Aqua Uses Cure At A Safe Distance

If you’recaughtby one of the Mysterious Figure’s sure-kill combos, don’t panic because Second Chance and Once More will protect you more often than not.

From there, you can either spam Cure while being comboed or spam dodge to try and break the combo first before using Cure to reset the effects of Second Chance and Once More.

Menu (D-Links – DO NOT USE!)

Lastly, we also recommend that you do not use D-Links or put elemental Action Commands on your deck, such as Fire Glide, Ice Slide, Firewheel, or Thunder Roll.

Using D-Links and having elemental Action Commands on your deck will make the Mysterious Figure even more aggressive and harder to beat, so avoid them like the plague!

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