How To Get Renewal Block In Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

You can get Renewal Block by combining either Curaga or Esuna with Block in the Meld Menu. You can buy all of these materials from the Command Shop.

Renewal Block is a defensive skill exclusive to Terra and Ventus that allows them to heal a portion of their HP every time they successfully block an attack.


  1. Obtaining Renewal Block
  2. Best Abilities For Renewal Block
  3. Using Renewal Block In Combat

Obtaining Renewal Block

If you want to obtain Renewal Block via melding, you’ll need to use either of these two Command Skill combinations:

1st Command Skill Slot2nd Command Skill SlotTarget Command SkillMeld Chance
CuragaBlockRenewal Block100%
EsunaBlockRenewal Block100%
Meld Menu (Block + Esuna + Secret Gem)

Keep in mind that only Ventus and Terra can meld Renewal Block and use it in battle.

Aqua does not have access to this Command Skill, although she does have her exclusive version of the skill called Renewal Barrier .

Melding Complete (Renewal Block With HP Prize Plus)

You can purchase all of the materials required to create Renewal Barrier from any Command Shop in the World Map.

Command Shop

The cheapest combination to buy out of the two possible Command Skill combinations would be Block (200 Munny) and Esuna (600 Munny).

Best Abilities For Renewal Block

Menu (Abilities)

The best abilities you can get to improve Renewal Barrier’s effectiveness in combat would be Cure Boost and HP Boost.

Cure Boost increases the amount of HP Renewal Block recovers, while HP Boost increases your overall survivability and the maximum amount of HP healed by recovery items or commands.

To get Cure Boost, you must farm and use Shimmering Crystals  as your Synthesis material while melding certain commands, and Soothing Crystals  for HP Boost.

Using Renewal Block In Combat

Renewal Block (Command Description)

Renewal Block allows Ventus and Terra to recover a portion of their HP after successfully blocking an enemy attack.

ParametersRenewal Block
Max LevelLevel 3
Reload TimeNone
Slots Taken1 slot
Command Gauge RefillNone
Renewal Block
Renewal Block In Combat

Renewal Block can be considered one of the best defensive Command Skills in the game, as it provides more utility than other skills like Confuse Barrier  or Stun Barrier.

It is, however, not as effective as using recovery-type commands such as Cura or Curaga—especially if you already have the Leaf Bracer ability.

Nevertheless, this skill will be a great asset to you if you don’t have space in your deck for recovery-type commands or if you prefer to block attacks rather than dodge them!

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