How to Get the Item Finder in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

You can obtain the Item Finder by talking to Prof. Oak’s aide on Route 11.

Acquiring the Item Finder

The Item Finder is a Key Item that allows the player to locate hidden items. Prof. Oak’s aide will give it to you as long as you have registered at least 30 different Pokémon in your Pokédex.

To get the Item Finder, first head to Vermillion City.

Go east of the city, past Diglett’s Cave and past the tall grass with various trainers. You will reach the guardhouse building which connects Route 11 to Route 12 heading to Lavender Town.

Go upstairs to find Prof. Oak’s aide and talk to him. Upon confirming you have caught at least 30 different kinds of Pokémon, he will give you the Item Finder.

Using the Item Finder

You can use the Item Finder anywhere in-game to locate hidden items close to the player’s vicinity, or within the game screen. You can register it with the Select button for ease of use.

If there is an item nearby, the Item Finder will ping and show arrows indicating approximately where the item is located.

The accompanying text will then say, “Huh?  The ITEMFINDER’s responding!  There’s an item buried around here!”.

You can then follow the arrows’ directions to find the item. For example, the colored arrows are pointing downward, so continue walking in the direction the arrows are pointing. Check your Item Finder again if you got closer to the item’s location.

The Item Finder will only show in which direction the item is located, but not where the item is in itself. Continue following the Item Finder’s directions and Press A once done. You should be able to find the item then.

If you are standing directly on the exact spot where the hidden item is located, the Item Finder will ping with stars instead of arrows.

The accompanying text prompt will then be, “Oh!  The ITEMFINDER’s shaking wildly!  There’s an item buried underfoot!”.

Stay in place and press A to recover the hidden item.

All in all, the Item Finder is a very useful Key Item for players. Though you can find hidden and rare items scattered throughout the game by chance, the Item Finder helps narrow down the items’ positions, showing the player the approximate direction where they can be found and recovered.

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