Where to Find Nevermeltice in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

You can get Nevermeltice on one of the floors inside Icefall Cave in Four Island. Alternatively, you can also catch some wild Dewgong to find one that is holding a Nevermeltice.

Four Island’s Icefall Cave

Head to Four Island by using your Rainbow Pass. You can get a Rainbow Pass by doing Celio’s quest. When you arrive in the island, head to the eastern part of town and surf across the small pond that leads to the Icefall Cave.

When you get inside the cave, head deeper inside by surfing across the small body of water past the waterfall and towards another entrance.

You will be encountering tiles in this area that are frozen over. You fall into the hole underneath them when you walk into them twice, transporting you into another area.

With this in mind, continue on past the first frozen tile until you are met with four more tiles. Take the leftmost set of tiles and walk past it.

Take the topmost tile next. Walk on it twice to fall into the hole.

You get transported into a new area afterwards. You can skip the slippery floors for now and immediately take the stairs before you to proceed.

You’ll see two more frozen tiles when you get off the stairs. Walk on the upper tile twice to fall into its hole.

Move along by following the directional arrows below to land directly in front of the Poké ball.

Click on the Poké ball to get the Nevermeltice.


Dewgong’s Nevermeltice

You can also get Nevermeltice from wild Dewgong. There’s a 5% chance of encountering a Dewgong holding a Nevermeltice, which you can then steal or take from the captured Pokémon.

Dewgong can be found in the Seafoam Islands. Dewgong’s easy enough to encounter, although it might take a while to find one holding Nevermeltice.

You can catch a lot of Dewgong until you get one with the Nevermeltice in its possession, or alternatively you can steal from Dewgong using the move Thief.

This is the only way to get multiple Nevermeltices.

Nevermeltice Uses

As mentioned, Nevermeltice is intended to be a held item for Pokémon of your choosing. Although it is best to give it to Ice-type Pokémon as the Nevermeltice boosts Ice-type moves for at least 10%.

Ice-type Pokémon have strong elemental moves and are especially strong against Dragon-type Pokémon. Having Nevermeltice equipped on your roster is a good strategy especially when battling against Lance from the Elite Four.

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