Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep: How To Unlock The Final Episode

You can only unlock the Final Episode after clearing the story of all three main characters and collecting all the Secret Pages in the game.

The Final Episode shows you the true ending of Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, which is why unlocking it is very important—especially for players who want to keep up with the overall Kingdom Hearts lore.


  1. Final Episode Requirement #1: Complete The Stories Of Ventus, Terra, and Aqua
  2. Final Episode Requirement #2: Collect All Secret Reports
  3. Final Episode Requirement #3: Load Your Final Episode Save In The Title Screen

Final Episode Requirement #1: Complete The Story Of Ventus, Terra, and Aqua

To clear the story of Ventus, Aqua, and Terra, all you have to do is beat their final bosses at the end of their playthrough, which are all located in the Keyblade Graveyard.

World Map (The Keyblade Graveyard > Fissure)

The final battles of the three main characters’ story tie directly into a unified main storyline, in which they all face their respective final bosses together.

However, the only ending you’ll see after clearing each of the main characters’ final battles will only be that of the character you’re currently using—all of which aren’t the true ending.

Aqua’s Final Boss Battle

Ventus’s Final Boss Battle

Terra’s Final Boss Battle

Ultimately, this means that there are a total of four endings in the game—one for Aqua, one for Terra, one for Ventus, and the Final Episode, which is the true ending of KHBBS

It doesn’t matter which order you clear the stories of the main characters as long as you clear them all, but we recommend you finish Aqua’s story last, as the Final Episode picks up from her story.

The difficulty you’re playing in also doesn’t affect the unlock requirements of the Final Episode, but it does matter if you also want to unlock the secret Blank Points cutscene!

Aqua’s Story Cleared (Battle Report)

Ventus’s Story Cleared (Battle Report)

Terra’s Story Cleared (Battle Report)

You’ll know that you’ve completed an individual main character’s story if you see the Battle Report that gives you various gameplay statistics—as shown in the images above.

After clearing each of the characters’ final stories and being shown these Battle Reports, you’ll then be prompted to save.

Do not overwrite or delete these saves, as you’ll need these save data to unlock the Final Episode!

Final Episode Requirement #2: Collect All Secret Reports

Trinity Archives (All Secret Reports)

Another requirement for unlocking the Final Episode is that you’ll need to get all of the Secret Reports (a.k.a. Xehanort’s Reports).

You can collect these Secret Reports just by playing through the three main characters’ stories or by looting chests all over the World Map.

If you’d like to know how to get all of the Secret Reports in the game, then feel free to check out our Complete Secret Reports Guide!

Final Episode Requirement #3: Load Your Final Episode Save In The Title Screen

Once you’ve done all the other requirements listed above, all you need to do is load your Final Episode save.

You’ll be given an in-game prompt for this as soon as you’ve fulfilled all requirements.

For example, in the image below, a save data for Aqua has been created. Her story has just been cleared, and she is the last of the three main characters to do so. All Secret Reports have also been obtained:

Save After Finishing Aqua’s Story (All Main Characters’ Stories Cleared & All Secret Reports Found)

Immediately after this, a prompt will appear, which should alert you that you’ve just unlocked the Final Episode and that a special save data will be made, as shown in the image below.

Note that this same special save data prompt will also appear in your Title Screen if you’ve collected the Secret Pages only after clearing all three main characters’ stories:

Final Episode (Create Save Data Prompt)

With your special save data made, all you have to do is go back to your Title Screen and load it.

Loading this special save data will allow you to finally play the Final Episode, as shown in the image below:

Title Screen (Load Final Episode Savedata)

And there you go—you’ve just unlocked the true ending of the game. Have fun playing!

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