How to Earn Easy Money in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

Getting rich quickly and earning easy money can be achieved at the beginning of the game by purposely losing to the final trainer on the Nugget Bridge at Cerulean City. You can also get quick money by having an Amulet Coin equipped to your Pokémon, doubling the payout from battling trainers.

Get Rich at the Start of the Game

You can get rich at the beginning of the game by selling Nuggets priced at ₽5,000 apiece. You can obtain a Nugget in Cerulean City, at the Nugget Bridge challenge.

Beat your rival and the five consecutive trainers at the Nugget Bridge.

The last trainer is a Team rocket grunt who will offer you a Nugget as a reward for beating the previous trainers.


You can get unlimited Nuggets by losing to him in a fight and coming back to talk to him again, repeating the process.

To do that, go to the Pokémon Center in the city and deposit all your Pokémon in the PC, only keeping your weakest Pokémon which has the lowest level

Go back to the Nugget Bridge and talk to the very last trainer. He will give you the Nugget as your prize.

He will then invite you to join Team Rocket and will battle you as you refuse.

Lose the battle intentionally. Your Pokémon will faint and you will rush to the Pokémon Center.

After healing your Pokémon, you can check your inventory to see that the Nugget is still in your possession.

From here you can go back to the Nugget Bridge and talk to the trainer again, and he will give you a Nugget once more.

Lose against him a second time, and the process will repeat.

Check your inventory again upon healing your Pokémon and you should find 2 Nuggets in your inventory.

Repeat as many times as you want to obtain multiple Nuggets.

Once you’re satisfied with the number of Nuggets you have, you can now sell them at the Pokémart. One Nugget costs ₽5,000.

With just 10 nuggets you can easily earn ₽50,000 at the beginning of the game.

Earning More Prize Money with an Amulet Coin

You can earn more money from battling trainers if you have an Amulet Coin.

An Amulet Coin is an item you can let your Pokémon hold. If the holder participates in the battle, the prize money is doubled.

Where to Get an Amulet Coin

You can get an Amulet Coin by talking to Professor Oak’s aide on Route 16. The route can be found left of Celadon City.

You will need to have at least 40 Pokémon in your Pokédex to receive the Amulet Coin.

Upon receiving the Amulet Coin, you can then equip it to your preferred Pokémon. Make sure the Pokémon takes part in battle to receive your doubled prize money upon winning.

Battling Rich Trainers with the Amulet Coin Equipped

With an Amulet Coin, you can now start to milk rich trainers with their prize money.

Some of the rich trainers are in Island 5 in Resort Gorgeous.

After beating the Elite Four, you need to have a Rainbow Pass to gain access to the Fourth Island onwards.

Once there, fight your way through trainers like Lady Jacki and Lady Gillian.

Beating them without an Amulet Coin equipped will net you ₽10,000.
But with an Amulet Coin in your Pokémon’s possession, the prize money is doubled to ₽20,000.

Repeat the process with as many other rich trainers as you want.

As Pokémon trainers, there are many ways to earn money in-game. You can do this by winning prize money from trainers you’ve beaten, or even by selling unused items in your inventory. But hopefully with these tips you can easily make a ton of money you can use to further your Pokémon journey.

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