Best Place To Level Up Characters In Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

The best place to level up all three main characters is in the Reactor area of the Radiant Garden map, where you can farm two waves of mob characters within just a few seconds.

Terra, however, can also go to another great EXP-farming spot that only he can access, which is the Skull Rock: Cavern in the Never Land map.


Best Places To Farm Character EXP

There are two notable places where you can farm a ton of character EXP in one go—around 2,000 EXP to 3,000 EXP on average per attempt:

  1. Radiant Garden – Reactor (Viable for all three main characters)
  2. Neverland – Skull Rock: Cavern (Exclusive to Terra)

Location #1: Best EXP Farming Location For All Characters

Radiant Garden (Castle Town)

The first location we have is on the Radiant Garden map. To get there, go to the Radiant Garden and choose Castle Town as your destination.

Radiant Garden Map Highlights

From there, go north to the Fountain Court, then West to the Aqueduct. From there, you’ll see the entrance to the Reactor, which should look like this:

Path (Aqueduct > Reactor)

If you’ve already fought the boss that spawns here, you can now farm multiple mobs (mainly Tank Topplers as shown in the image below), which gives your character quite a lot of EXP.

Reactor (Tank Topplers Highlighted In Red)

We highly recommend equipping and unequipping certain abilities, as well as using AoE-type offensive Command Skills to farm this camp of Unversed with efficiency.

For specifics, please refer to our step-by-step guide further below.

Location #2: Alternative EXP Farming Location For Terra

Neverland (Cove)

Next up, we have the Skull Rock: Cavern which is located in the Never Land map.

This location gives Terra a bit more EXP if his Radiant Garden’s Combat Level isn’t glitched and is set at Level 6 instead of Level 9.

NOTE: After finishing Aqua’s story, there is a chance for a glitch to trigger where the Combat Level of the maps of some main characters is boosted compared to normal levels, which makes it easier to farm EXP.

This glitch is inconsistent, however, and will not trigger most of the time even if you’ve already completed Aqua’s story.

Never Land (Map Highlights)

You can get to this location by choosing Cove as your target destination, then traveling north of the map where you’ll find a boat that’ll take you to Skull Rock:

Skull Rock (Travel Prompt)

After crossing over to Skull Rock: Entrance, just go to the entrance right in the middle and go in from there.

The middle entrance to the Skull Rock: Cavern should look like this:

Path To Skull Rock: Cavern

After entering the cavernthrough the opening in the middle, you should be able to see a Blobmob further north of the room.

Blobmob (Highlighted In Red)

This is the Unversed you’ll want to farm with Terra—preferably with high-damage AoE offensive Commands.

It barely moves and splits into multiple smaller Blobmobs when defeated, which in turn gives you more EXP:

Terra Vs Multiplied Blobmobs

Again, keep in mind that only Terra can make use of this location for EXP farming.

You cannot do this while playing as either Ventus or Aqua, so you’re better off farming the Radiant Garden spot while using them instead.

Optimized EXP Farming Process (Step-By-Step)

Here’s a short step-by-step guide on how to farm EXP for your characters.

Step #1: Get Your HP Below 25%

Aqua At Below 25% HP (Highlighted In Red)

First things first, you’ll have to get your HP below 25% so you can take advantage of an ability called EXP Chance.

This ability increases the amount of EXP you get every time you kill an enemy, so make sure you get EXP Chance before you attempt this step—otherwise, this part of the process will be invalid.

Also, make sure to turn off Treasure Magnet before doing this. Not doing it will siphon all nearby HP Prizes straight to you, which may remove the effects of EXP Chance.

Step #2: Move To The Center Of The Area, Then Move Back Out To Spawn Mobs

Aqua Moves Out Of The Center

Next, go to the center of the Reactor area to spawn some Unversed, then move back out to make sure you don’t pick up any HP Prizes by accident or take further damage from enemies.

Step #3: Cast Your Ranged AoE Command Skill, Then Cast Victory Pose

Aqua Uses Mega Flare In Combat

Finally, you can now use your ranged AoE Command Skills to wipe out all the Unversed that have spawned.

We highly recommend that you use at least two copies of Mega Flare as your AoE Command Skill, as it covers a wide area and deals a fantastic amount of damage.

Not to mention that all three main characters can equip Mega Flare too!

TIP: Your casting order should ideally be Mega Flare > Victory Pose > Mega Flare > Victory Pose for maximum EXP gain. Getting Victory Pose(Comming Soon)  will increase the EXP you farm, which is essential if you want to level up quicker.

Step #4: Get Out Of The Reactor Area, Then Re-enter

Aqua Gets Out Of The Reactor Area

After all prior steps have been completed, get out of the area, re-enter again, then start all over from Step Two (unless your HP has been accidentally restored to above 25%, in which case you should start with Step One).

And there you go—you can just rinse and repeat from here until you get to your desired level!

Terra After Farming The Blobmobs

NOTE: You may follow this exact process for Terra’s farming spot in the Skull Rock: Cavern as well, although you can skip Step Two here, as the Blobmob will be insta-spawned whenever you enter the area.

Here’s the full sequence of what your farming process should look like in the Radiant Garden – Reactor:

Level Up

Here’s the full sequence of what your farming process should look like in the Skull Rock: Cavern:

Recommended Command Skills For EXP Farming

Mega Flare (Command Description)

The best Command Skill to use when farming EXP for your characters is Mega Flare, as it can deal outrageous damage against almost every Unversed on your screen.

Mega Flare does have a long Reload Time though, so make sure to pair it up with abilities that reduce its Reload Time.

Mega Flare (Meld Menu)

You can create Mega Flare by combining Fission Firaga and Crawling Fire in the Meld Menu.

Command Shop (Fission Firaga)

You can buy both of these material Command Skills from the Command Shop. Fission Firaga costs 1,500 Munny and Crawling Fire costs 1,800 Munny.

Recommended And Non-Recommended Abilities For EXP Farming

Reload Boost (Abilities)

There are five abilities that we recommend you use while farming EXP in any of the two locations mentioned above:

Recommended AbilitiesDescriptionRequired Crystal
Magic HasteDecreases the Reload Time of all Magic-type Commands.Fleeting Crystal
Attack Haste Decreases the Reload Time of all Attack-type Commands.Fleeting Crystal
Reload BoostDecreases the Reload Time of all Commands if your character’s HP reaches 25% and below.Fleeting Crystal 
EXP Chance (Required)Increases the amount of EXP your character obtains when they reach 25% HP and belowAbounding Crystal
Second ChanceAllows you to withstand an attack that would otherwise kill you—instead leaving you with 1 HP.Pulsing Crystal

Additionally, you may also include either Fire Boost, Blizzard Boost, or Thunder Boost to increase your damage output depending on the element of the AoE Command Skill you use.

If you’re planning to use Mega Flare (and you should), for example, you should get Fire Boost to complement it.

Abilities (EXP Walker Turned Off)

On the other hand, there are two abilities we don’t recommend you use while farming EXP for your characters—especially if you’re using the EXP farming process we mentioned above:

Non-Recommended AbilitiesDescriptionRequired Crystals
EXP WalkerAllows your character to obtain 1 EXP per step. (This can mess with Victory Pose’s effects)Abounding Crystal 
Treasure MagnetAllows your character to siphon all nearby prizes. (This may accidentally heal you with HP prizes, disabling EXP Chance’s effect)Hungry Crystal
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