How To Get Fire Glide In Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

How To Get Fire Glide In Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

To get Fire Glide, you must meld either Fire Surge or Firaga with Glide in your Meld Menu.

Fire Glide is a movement-type Command Skill that enhances Ventus’s Glide skill by allowing it to deal decent damage against enemies he passes through while gliding.


  1. Obtaining Fire Glide
  2. Best Abilities For Fire Glide
  3. Using Fire Glide In Combat

Obtaining Fire Glide

To obtain Fire Glide via melding, you must meld either of these two Command Skill combinations:

1st Command Skill Slot2nd Command Skill SlotTarget Command SkillMeld Chance
Fire SurgeGlideFire Glide100%
FiragaGlideFire Glide100%
Fire Glide
Meld Menu (Glide + Fire Surge + Shimmering Crystal)

Remember that only Ventus can meld and equip this Command Skill for combat. Aqua and Terra will not be able to combine the Command Skills listed in the table above.

Melding Complete (Gire Glide with Fire Screen)

If you want to get the Command Skills required to meld Fire Glide, you can buy them from any Command Shop in the World Map.

Command Shop

The cheapest option would be to purchase Fire Surge (650 Munny) together with Glide (2,000 Munny) instead of Firaga (1,200 Munny).

Best Abilities For Fire Glide

The best Ability you can pair up with Fire Glide is Fire Boost, as it’ll allow you to deal more damage using the Command Skill.

Menu (Abilities)

To get this Ability, you’ll need to farm Shimmering Crystals  and use them as your Synthesis material when melding Command Skills.

Using Fire Glide In Combat

Fire Glide allows Ventus to glide through the air while cloaked in flames—damaging any enemy he comes into contact with.

Fire Glide (Command Description)

ParametersFire Glide
Max LevelLevel 4
Reload TimeNone
Slots Taken1 slot
Command Gauge Refill8%

This skill isn’t as effective against high-HP mobs or bosses in general, but it is quite useful when clearing out smaller, low-HP mobs.

Fire Glide Demo

To use this Command Skill after equipping it, you’ll need to press the JUMP button twice, then hold.

You’ll be able to glide through the air that way—not to mention you’ll also look awesome while doing so with Fire Glide equipped!

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