Midas River in Super Mario RPG Walkthrough

You exit the Kero Sewers straight into Midas River. The scene pauses and Toad comes to you and explains the mechanics of how to navigate the river. Aside from the control buttons to move Mario from left to right, you could swim against the current to slow down your descent or move upstream by tapping the B button.

Midas River

The objective of this course is split into two mini-games. The first is the waterfall run where you navigate through the waterfalls and pick up as many coins as you come across on your way down.

The second part is when you reach the bottom of the falls into the river. Here, you will have to collect as many coins as you can while jumping from barrels until you reach the end of the run.

Score 100 gold coins for Toad to reward you with an extra 5 Frog Coins. You could do the course as many times as you want by accessing the river run in the Midas River world map.

The waterfall run has several secret items for you to get so we will have to do this twice to get them all. To keep things simple, We shall first cover all hidden frog coins in the area on our first run and then all the flower items on our second run.

1st Run Waterfalls Course

On the First Run let’s get all the Frog Coins from the waterfall course. You could only get these frog coins once so it is best to get them early on and ignore the gold coins for the time being. Gold coins will always respawn once you enter this area after you have unlocked it.

Tap the B button from time to time to slow your descent through the waterfalls. The first Frog Coin will be on the right side of the waterfalls so be sure to grab it on your way down. Position yourself to the left after you get the coin and wait until you pass the cave and further down, The path splits into two sections.

Take the left path and grab the second frog coin on the left part of the path. Keep to the left side of the path after you grab the coin and wait until you pass another cave and see the trampoline on the left section of your screen.

Grab the Frog Coin above the cave and go inside the cave beside the trampoline. This will take you to the section where some monsters are tossing a frog coin while trying to catch up with you.

You won’t be able to move while this is happening so wait until you reach the edge of the water where they accidentally toss the frog coin your way. Prepare to swim to the right corner of the map as soon as you get tossed back into the waterfall.

Stay on the right side of the falls and take the right path at the fork. This will allow you to get the final frog coin in the area and finish the waterfall course and move on to the river course mini-game on Midas River.

Midas River Barell Course

The Objective here is to get as many gold coins as you can while either jumping over barells or bumping into them to switch lanes. The Gold coins you get here shall be added to the gold coins you already have from the waterfall run.

You won’t be able to get all the gold coins in the area since they are scattered in two sections so focus on the gold coins in your lane and time your jumps to grab them as you rush by. Some sections have more gold coins so be ready to switch sections once you see a barrel floating in your path.

To change lanes, Simply hit your barrel on another floating barrel for you to transfer to the opposite side.

If you don’t want to change lanes, jump over the barrel onto the next one to avoid hitting it and change sections. As you get near the end of the river run, the game will speed up so always check your timing as you jump to grab coins or switch lanes.

End of the Midas River Run

Once you reach the end of the course, the Mushroom Guide will tally how many gold coins you managed to get on your run and will reward you with a NokNok Shell for the first run. The rewards will depend on how many gold coins you have received and the breakdown for the rewards are as follows;

Gold Coins per RunRewards
First, run1 frog coin for every 60 gold coins and NokNok Shell
90-100 gold coins1 frog coin for every 60 gold coins
80-89 gold coins1 frog coin for every 70 gold coins
70-79 gold coins1 frog coin for every 75 gold coins
60-69 gold coins1 frog coin for every 80 gold coins

If you manage to get a total of 100 gold coins on your first run, You get awarded 5 frog coins.

Restarting the Run

After getting your rewards, You can choose to save your game, get another shot at the Midas River run or exit the area to take you to Tadpole Pond. Since there are a few more hidden items for you to grab, restart the Midas River run by jumping on the trampoline and paying 30 gold coins for the run.

2nd Run Waterfalls

Once you reach the area, Grab gold coins as you can. make your way past the first cave and take the left path when you reach the fork.

Go inside the cave for a cutscene where a group of enemies is tossing a flower tab among each other. You won’t be able to move so wait for them to drop the flower tab as you exit the area.

The exit puts you at the right side area of the map. After hitting the trampoline, You will be back on the waterfall course. Stay on the right side of the area and take a right when the waterfall splits into two. From there, enter the cave to get to the last flower tab.

Like  in the previous cave, You won’t be able to move while the enemies are tossing the flower tab at each other. Wait until they throw the flower tab at you right before you exit the area.

You will be taking the Midas River run course next. Continue grabbing as many gold coins as you can and exchange them with the mushroom guide for frog coins. Once you finish the course, Save your game and exit the area and proceed to Tadpole Pond.

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