Getting Infinite Frog Coins in Super Mario RPG

There are a few ways that you can do to get an infinite number of Frog Coins. But we’ll be focusing on three ways of earning a lot of Frog Coins in Land’s End. The first one is crossing the Sky Bridge in Expert mode. The second one is jumping on to the head of a Shogun. And the last one is to Scale the Cliffs in Land’s End quickly and Sargent Flutter will give you a Troopa Pin on your first win, and a bunch of Frog Coins on your next wins.

You can use these as currency to buy rare items at the Frog Coin Emporium in Tadpole Pond and at Frogfucius’ student’s shop in Seaside Town

The first two methods will help you win a mix of Frog Coins and regular coins.

But how do you get to these areas? Luckily, you’ll be able to try all three of them out, since you’ll pass by all of them while exploring Land’s End.

First Method – Crossing the Sky Bridge

Your journey towards the Sky Bridge cliff is a bit long, but it’s not that challenging, maybe a bit annoying because of the enemies, nothing you can’t handle, really,. Once you’ve gotten a hang of the path, you’ll find it easy to head to these area on your subsequent tries—if you don’t attempt to score 999 Frog Coins in one go.

From Monstro Town, head to Land’s End.

Jump into the cannon, and time it so you can land on top of the rocks. As for timing, it’s always best to long press that up button to make sure you maximize your launch.

Head to the next area.

Jump into another cannon. If your timing is right, you’ll land in a hole and immediately get surrounded by Chows. Beat at least one of them (or evade them) so you can go on your merry way.

Head, yet again, to the next area…

Go along this rock bridge. You’d probably need to fight a lot of Geckits before you can make it to the other side. But think of it as a good way to accumulate a lot of EXP while you’re on your way to Frog Coins.

Head to the next area. Again. Remember, you need to work hard for your reward.

Use the three rotating flowers to climb the cliffs until you reach the very top.

Head to the next area to access the Sky Bridge.

A Shaman will welcome you at the Sky Bridge

He’ll then ask you if you want to challenge it, and make you choose between three different modes: Normal, Special, and Expert. Choose expert mode, since this is the one you want for Frog Coins.

He’ll charge you five coins for it, though. So technically, you’re paying to play for a chance to win one Frog Coin.

Five coins to win one Frog Coin.

Jump on them, and they’ll take you with them. Jump in front of them, and they’ll push you off.

Once you reach the end in time you will be awarded Frog Coins

Once you’re done with the Sky Bridge mini-game, you can head to the next area to try the…

Second Method – Jumping on the Shogun

When you land in this area, you’ll see two whirlpools made out of sand. Ignore that and head to either the path on the upper left or the lower right instead. It doesn’t matter, cause your path entirely depends on the Shogun, and he’ll lead the way if you follow him correctly.

You’ll see little Shoguns (they look like white ants with tufts of colorful fur) in the whirlpools.

You can win regular coins and Frog Coins when you jump on the heads of the Shoguns. It’s quite tricky, especially because the whirlpool can take you away if your timing is not right. The coins are given out randomly, so it’s highly suggested that you take a crack at it several times to get your rewards.

The technique into making sure you’re on the right path is to approach them without engaging in battle, wait for them to pop up then hide again, and immediately enter the whirlpool that they hid in. They’re quite quick, so make sure you’re focused and alert.

Here is the order of areas that you should be landing in if you stalked the Shogun correctly:

You know you’ve followed them correctly if on your last whirlpool entry if you emerge in this area:

Head to the path so you can try out the…

Third (and most profitable) Method – Scaling the Cliffs

Practice makes perfect when it comes to scaling these cliffs. You have to jump on the backs of eight Sky Troopas to make your way to the top. Thankfully, Sergeant Flutter is quite nice and he’ll give you endless chances to climb up.

The main technique here is to study the movements of the Sky Troopas when you’re on their back. They go in different directions, which can throw you off when you’re jumping to the next one.

You’ll know that the timer has started once you hear a ticking sound. Be patient and avoid preemptively jumping. Depth perception can definitely mess you up, but with practice, you can easily get to the top quickly.

On your first win, the sergeant will give you a Troopa Pin, which can be used as an accessory for any of your party members to increase their damage by 50% their speed by 20 points.

Frog Coins

To score Frog Coins, just fall back down the cliff, then jump on the Sky Troopas again.

Here is what you can win depending on how quick you scale the cliffs:

  • Less than 8 seconds: 10 Frog Coins
  • 8-9.99 seconds: Sonic Shell (5 Frog Coins if you already have it)
  • 10-11.99 seconds: 2 Frog Coins
  • 12-14.99 seconds: 1 Frog Coin

Once you’re satisfied with the amount of your Frog Coins, you can now spend it any way you want!

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