Geno’s Weapon Guide in Super Mario RPG

Geno has 5 Weapons that you can collect in the game. 4 of his weapons can be obtained by buying them at specific weapon or item shops scattered around the world while his Ultimate Weapon, The Star Gun is given to you for completing one of the Courses of the 6-Door Challenge in Bowser’s Keep.

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Finger Shot

Geno’s Finger Shot weapon is given freely after defeating Bowyer at Forest Maze and speaking with Gaz afterwards in Rose Town.

NameFinger Shot
Weapon TypeGun
Buying Price50 gold coins
Selling Price25 gold coins
Stat Increase (Bonus RNG Damage)Attack+12(+/-3)
LocationRose Town/Moleville

In case you miss getting it at Rose Town, You can also purchase this weapon at the Moleville Item Shop after unlocking the area from the World Map.

Hand Gun

The Hand Gun weapon can be purchased in 2 locations. The 1st place for you to get it is at the Item Shop in Marrymore Hotel.

NameHand Gun
Weapon TypeGun
Buying Price105 gold coins
Selling Price52 gold coins
Stat Increase (Bonus RNG Damage)Attack+45(+/-6)
LocationMarrymore/The Sea

The 2nd place that you can purchase the Hand Gun is at The Shaman Shop at the Sea Location.

Double Punch

NameDouble Punch
Weapon TypeRocket
Buying Price88 gold coins
Selling Price44 gold coins
Stat Increase (Bonus RNG Damage)Attack+35(+/-5)
LocationSeaside Town

Geno’s Double Punch can be purchased at Seaside Town’s Weapon Shop right after liberating the town and defeating Yaridovich.

Hand Canon

The Hand Canon is one of Geno’s powerful weapons. This item is only available for purchase at Nimbus Land Item Shop.

NameHand Canon
Weapon TypeCanon
Buying Price105 gold coins
Selling Price52 gold coins
Stat Increase (Bonus RNG Damage)Attack+45(+/-6)
LocationNimbus Land

*To do Timed Hits with Geno’s Weapons, Tap the attack button as soon as the last bullet hits for extra damage.

Star Gun

The Star Gun is Geno’s Ultimate Weapon in the game. You can get this weapon as a prize for completing 1 of the Battle Course Challenges at Bowser’s Keep.

NameStar Gun
Weapon TypeGun
Buying PriceN/A
Selling Price60 gold coins
Stat Increase (Bonus RNG Damage)Attack+57(+/-7)
LocationBowser’s Keep

For details on how to get this weapon, Please read our guide on How to get the Star Gun in Super Mario RPG.

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