Tadpole Pond for Super Mario RPG Walkthrough

Mario and Mallow travel to Tadpole Pond to deliver the Cricket Pie and ask for advice on Mario’s journey. Aside from progressing through the story, Tadpole Pond is one area that unlocks a note-themed mini game as well as 2 secret item shops in the game called the Frog Coin emporium and Juice Shop.

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Tadpole Pond Map

Upon entering the map, head straight towards Frogfucius home entrance at the edge of the pond in front of you. Position yourself on the gray rock to trigger a conversation event with the tadpoles in the pond and Mario’s Party.

Frogfucius home entrance

The Tadpoles will need a little convincing that you are “The Mario” that the have been hearing about. When that happens, press the jump button for Mario to execute a jump and flip which finally convinces them and for Frogfucius to appear. After He welcomes you to His pond, He asks you to go on further in to his home.

The Tadpoles will make a path across the water for you to reach Frogfucius. Press the B button to start hopping across the backs of the tadpoles to reach the Sage’s Sanctuary in the middle of the Pond.

Sage Frogfucius’s Home

You learn that the Princess was not abducted by Bowser as you originally thought. A new threat has arisen in mushroom kingdom and it’s up to you to save the day. Mallow will still be accompanying you on your quest as he searches for his real parents and Frogfucius suggests you head over to Rose Town to help the Citizens with their problem there.

Frogfucius’s Suite #18 (1st Melody Bay song puzzle hint)

After the conversation, Talk to Frogfucius again to give him the Cricket Pie which he will exchange for a Froggie Stick which is Mallow’s first weapon equipment. You might want to interact with the music sheet stand as well since it contains the puzzle solution for the Melody Bay Mini-game in the area.

Get off the island by taking the tadpole path and go to the lower right of the map to the entrance to Melody Bay. Before you enter the area, be sure to talk to the tadpole near the entrance of the bay to learn more about the 1st musical score you will need to play.

To make things easier, We have compiled all 4 songs for Toadofsky for the Melody Bay mini-game. Please read our guide on Melody Bay Puzzle Solution in Super Mario RPG.

Tadpole Pond exclusive Shops

Tadpole Pond has a total of 2 exclusive Shops. You should check these shops for explanations on what you can get for frog coins (frog coin emporium) and membership cards for the Juice Bar.

Frog Coin Emporium

The frog coin emporium sells buff items that increases a party member’s attack and defense. It also sells the sleepy bomb that does AoE damage and sleep status on the enemy. Although these items can be useful in earlier boss fights, We suggest you refrain from buying these items since frog coins are extremely rare in the game and you should save these coins for unique items sold at frog coin shops much later in the game.

Juice Bar

The juice bar let’s you buy a Froggie  drink which replenishes your Hitpoints for 16 gold coins. Other items become available for purchase once you have a membership card which can be obtained by completing the Melody Bay mini-game.

*We recommend that you complete the Melody Bay Mini-Game as soon as possible since the 3rd and final membership card (Soprano Card) allows you to buy a Kerokero Cola in the game for 200 gold coins which is a useful health item since it heals the entire party in battle.

Once you are done unlocking the two shops, Head back to the entrance of Tadpole Pond to take you to the world map and move to Rose Way.

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