Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep: Fruitball Minigame Guide

Fruitball is one of several minigames that you can play in Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep’s Disney Town map.

It combines the game mechanics of football and tennis, where you must score more points than your opponents by hitting a variety of fruits towards a goal that moves around on the other side of the court.


  1. How To Access Fruitball
  2. How To Play Football (Basic Mechanics & Controls)
  3. Tips On How To Beat Captain Justice In Fruitball

How To Access Fruitball

To be able to play Fruitball, you must first select the Main Plaza as your destination in the Disney Town map:

World Map (Disney Town > Main Plaza)

Once you’re in the Main Plaza, go south of your minimap to get to the path that’ll lead you to the Fruitball Court—as shown in the image below:

Path To Fruitball Court

From there, all you have to do is go and talk to Horace Horsecollar, who’s right in the middle of the Fruitball Court:

Horace Horsecollar (Highlighted)

And voila—you can now play Fruitball whenever you want!

Fruitball (Possible Opponents)

You can play against three opponents in the Fruitball minigame:

Unlockable OpponentsUnlock RequirementsRewards GivenDescription
BruisersNoneBalloon LetterThey’re the first opponents you unlock and by far the easiest ones to beat. You’re going up against them 1 vs 2, but they’re slow so it shouldn’t be hard to get a goal off of them.
Chip & DaleBeat the BruisersMagneraThey’re more or less the same as Bruisers, but faster and more capable of chasing down and blocking your shots. A game against them would be the higher-level difficulty version of the Bruisers match.
Captain JusticeBeat Chip & DaleShotlock (Chaos Snake )Despite being one-on-one unlike any of the matches that came before, this is by far the hardest opponent you’ll have to face. The Captain has great mobility and can block almost every shot you attempt with his bulky hitbox, so you’ll have to be extra smart with the shots you take.

How To Play Football (Basic Mechanics & Controls)

The objective in Fruitball is to hit the fruits that are randomly tossed on the court towards the goal that’s moving around behind your opponent:

Fruitball’s Moving Goal (Highlighted)

Every fruit you manage to get through this goal counts as a point, and you win by getting more points (i.e. fruits scored) than your opponents.

Here are the controls that you must take note of while playing Fruitball:

Control Mapping (Buttons)Description
   XExecute a shot that sends the fruits you hit straight towards the goal.
  ▢Execute a shot that sends the fruits you hit into a curved trajectory toward the goal.
  △Toss up a nearby or incoming fruit into the air. Pressing twice or once while a fruit is in the air will execute a volley shot, which is a downward spike that’s executed in mid-air.
Arrow Buttons / Analog StickControls your character’s movement and the trajectories of their shots.
STARTPause the game.

Sometimes, you’ll receive a volley shot prompt—especially when playing against an easier opponent such as the Bruisers. Make sure to follow these prompts for easy points:

Press “” Prompt

In every Fruitball match, nets that block all shots that come into contact with them will start appearing right in the middle of the court as the match time winds further down.

Two Nets (Highlighted)

Do your best to avoid hitting these nets, as it may send the fruits you’re attempting to hit toward the opponent’s side of the court right back into your own goal!

You can avoid these nets by either hitting fruits in open spaces or by using volley shots.

Banana (Highlighted)

Keep in mind that some fruits also have special effects when hit with volley shots, such as:

  • Bananas: Splits into multiple banana peels that incapacitate a player for a few seconds when they step on them.
  • Grapes: Splits into multiple grapes that are harder to hit and take more time to target individually.
  • Pineapples: Incapacitates a player that it collides with for a few seconds.

Tips On How To Beat Captain Justice In Fruitball

Captain Justice (Fruitball Cutscene)

Having trouble beating the hardest opponent in Fruitball? Here are three tips that will help you finally outscore him!

Tip #1: Start Scoring Early & Restart If Necessary

Fruitball (Pause Menu)

Because of the nets that will drastically lower the chances of you making a goal later on, the second half of your match will only get harder.

Considering this, it would make sense to try to score as many points as early as you can while playing against Captain Justice, while it’s still easier to score.

If you find yourself getting outscored by a lot early on, however, it might be wise to just pause the game and restart so you can leave yourself some time and beat Captain Justice quicker.

Tip #2: Spam Volley Shots Once The Nets Appear

Three Nets Appear

Once the nets appear, there is no point hitting fruits while they’re on the ground unless you want to accidentally send them flying back into your own goal.

Instead, you’ll want to do as many volley shots as you can, so that your shots will at least go through the nets and have a chance at hitting the opponent’s goal.

Aqua Executes A Volley Shot Over Nets

Watch out for Pineapples though! You’re especially vulnerable while you’re hitting fruits with volley shots in mid-air.

Tip #3: Spike Bananas Into The Opposite Side Of The Court

Banana Peels (Highlighted)

If you want to beat Captain Justice, then doing a volley shot on every single Banana you can find is crucial, as the banana peels they produce can stun him for a few seconds.

In Fruitball, a few seconds may be all you need to score a goal or two, and when you’re playing against Captain Justice, every single goal counts!

Likewise, Captain Justice will also make use of Bananas to try and trip you up on your side of the court, which is exactly why you should hit them with a volley shot before he does.

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