The Best Dragon-Type Pokémon in FireRed and LeafGreen

Just by their name, Dragon-type Pokémon are some of the coolest Pokémon in the region. You might also remember them as the preferred Pokémon type wielded by one of the game’s Elite Four. That said, there aren’t a lot of Dragon Pokémon in the FireRed and LeafGreen version of the games, so the one we listed are already the best of the best!

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Kingdra is one of the original Dragon Pokémon made for the FireRed and LeafGreen games. It’s part-Water and part-Dragon type.

Kingdra evolves from Seadra when traded while holding a Dragon Scale. Seadra evolves from Horsea at Level 32. It’s important to note that while Kingdra is part-Dragon, Seadra and Horsea are only Water Pokémon.

Kingdra’s well-roundedness in all key stats makes it an exceptional choice for a Dragon Pokémon in your party. While its HP and Speed are trailing a bit behind, it’s still pulled up by excellent stats across the board.

It also boasts a strong move set interlaced with both Water and Dragon moves. Key attacking moves it can learn are Hydro Pump at Level 51 and Dragon Dance at Level 62.

The only caveat is Kingdra is difficult to acquire. While Horsea and Seadra can be easily found in the wild, you need to trade for a Kingdra. Trading has some prerequisites that may not be as readily available in this day and age as before. A physical game console, cartridge and connecting cables are needed to setup the trade, as well as a willing friend who has the same setup, otherwise, Kingdra might not be an option for you.


No Dragon-type Pokémon list will be complete with Dragonite, Elite Four Lance’s favorite Pokémon.

Dragonite’s evolution forms include Dratini, which evolves at Level 30 into Dragonair. Dragonair then evolves into Dragonite at Level 55.

Like Kingdra, Dragonite has elevated stats across the board, most notably its Attack stat which is miles ahead of the others. It lacks Speed though, but that can be improved through EV training [READ: What is EV Training]

Another bonus for Dragonite is its excellent move arsenal. It learns early on the Dragon moves Twister and Dragon Rage, and as it levels up to Level 61, it learns Outrage, which deals a sizable 90 damage. Hyper Beam, its most powerful move, causes a whopping 150 damage and is learned at Level 75.

The best part about Dragonite is it’s fairly easier to obtain than Kingdra. Although you can’t find it naturally in the wild, both Dratini and Dragonair are. Their habitat is Fuchsia City’s Safari Zone, and shouldn’t prove too difficult to catch [READ: Where to Find Dragonair in the Safari Zone], so all that’s left is raising them to get Dragonite.

While there’s only two Dragon Pokémon that are native to Kanto, there are other Dragon-types that can be imported or traded from other Gen III games like Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. Contrary to popular belief, Gyarados isn’t a Dragon Pokémon, nor is Charizard, though they make our list of top Pokémon in their respective Pokémon types [READ: Best Fire Pokémon, Best Water Pokémon].

Want to know more what makes Dragon-type Pokémon unique, read up on our next guide: All About Dragon Pokémon!

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