Mushroom Kingdom in Super Mario RPG Walkthrough

Upon entering the town, Head towards the Inn and save your game there. You will need to do this first in case you won’t be able to get the first treasure chest in the game.

1st Treasure Chest

Once you both reach the door at the end of the hall, Jump toward the platform right above the door. You can take your time here since Toad will stop once he reaches the door and won’t move until you get off.

From the platform, head to the right end and press jump. This should make the treasure chest appear in the air. Jump again to hit it and loot the Frog coin inside.

Head towards the chancellor’s chamber and explain what happened to the princess. Afterward, He gives you a map that you can access from your menu as well as access to the vault for you to get some items.

Main Room

Once you leave the chancellor’s chamber, Head to the right to talk to the guard in charge of the vault. He will then lead you downstairs to the vault area.

The Vault has 3 Boxes for you to loot. The guard will explain each item you might come across in the world. You get a recovery mushroom that replenishes all your hp and fp when used, a flower that adds flower points for your special moves, and 10 gold coins. After getting these items, Head back to the passageway and take the left door, and up the stairs to the princess’s bedchamber.

An old cleaning lady will greet you inside the princess’s room. She tells you that the Princess is not around at the moment. Head towards the blue chair at the end of the room and press the A button. You will accidentally find some personal items of the princess and the cleaning lady will ask you to give them back and gives you a mushroom for your troubles.

Meeting your first party member

When you exit the Castle, You find a marshmallow chasing a purple crocodile who made off with his bag of coins. Once the Croc gets away, He will start crying which makes the whole place rain. head towards him and talk to him. You will have to jump to confirm that you are indeed the Mario that He has heard of and asks if you will help him find the Croc who stole his grandfather’s coin bag. Answer with “Sure thing”, And he joins your party.

Mallow the Tadpole
Level2Attack22Magic Defense10
Speed18Magic attack15Exp to the next level18

With Mallow at your party, Head over to the item shop. It’s the house with the mushroom sign to your right. Mallow will talk to the merchant and explain what happened to His grandfather’s coins. He tells him that you will be helping out and he gives you a free pick-me-up item that resurrects 1 party member when used during battle.

Start making a nuisance of yourself to get his attention. Jump on top of the shelves behind him until he scolds you and lets you go down. After apologizing, Head to the stairs on the shop’s right corner and make your way downstairs.

2nd Treasure Chest

Talk to the old lady downstairs. She will ask you to stand beside her. Talk to her again and she will ask you to jump. The treasure box will materialize and she will give an introduction to treasure boxes in the world. Jump and loot the flower inside the treasure box to finish this portion.

3rd Treasure Box

After collecting the contents of the treasure box, Jump on top of her head and wait. Depending on the random path she takes will determine how long it is for you to get the Treasure box. Once she walks and stops at the second-floor tile from the foot of the stairs, Jumps and grabs the third Treasure box with another flower.

Leaving the Mushroom Kingdom

Mushroom Kingdom

If ever you feel lost or unsure on how to progress through the main story, You could always ask the Hidden Person by the back of the building in front of the castle.

To ask for his help, walk behind the building until He speaks with you.The Quest Aid will give you hints on where to go next or who to look for when you feel lost and don’t know how to progress.

He will be available for most of the quests up until your return to Bowser’s Keep. Visit him in Mushroom Kingdom whenever you need a hint on your main quest.

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