The Sea in Super Mario RPG Walkthrough

The Sea level takes you to a series of caverns that you have to navigate through to get to the sunken ship at the bottom of the ocean. The ocean is located at the lower left part of the whole Sea map area.

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Before we continue on with the walkthrough, there are a few things you have to know first to make your characters stronger and better equipped to face the challenges ahead.

The Shaman Shop

The 2nd area from the entrance will take you to the shaman shop. The weapons and equipment the shaman sells here provide good offense and defense so it’s best to change your equipment and sell your old ones.

Star Power-Up area

The 3rd area of the Sea level has a star Power-Up that you can use to grind experience points easily. If you’re planning to farm for experience in this level, Don’t forget to save your game before continuing.

Star Powerup trick

The Star Powerup trick let’s you level up quickly. To do this, you have to save your game on the nearest save block, grab the Star power up from the treasure chest and bowl over as many enemies as you can before the powerup ends.

To learn more about how to use the Star Power-Up trick, You can find it at the Star Power-Up  trick instructions and preparation.

Skill swap glitch

What we recommend you do at the star powerup area is use the skill swap glitch while leveling up. This let’s your party learn skills from other party members with the exception of Mario who can’t learn  skills other than his own.

You can check out our guide on How to Skill Swap in Super Mario Rpg to learn about possible skill combinations and how to use the glitch effectively.

Enemies in the Area (Sea)

NameHitpointsAttackGold coinsExperienceWeaknessItem drop
Leuko22065320FireHoney syrup
Bloober13080012Fire,thunderHoney syrup
Mr. Kipper1337528Fire,thunderAble juice

The recommended level for Mario and his party is at level 10 for the Sea and Sunken ship levels. It’s best to grind for levels in the Sea area until you reach level 16 to better prepare you for the end game. Although you can use the Star Powerup trick here until you max out your level, it would take too long so stop once you reach level 16 until you reach Land’s end and max out your level there.

To learn more about the best spots to grind for experience points, please check our guide on Where to Xp farm in Super Mario Rpg.


There are a lot of Zeostars spawning in the area. Although they are easy to kill, They can be quite troublesome when teamed up with a party of 5. They can recover allies Hitpoints as well as deal poison damage which takes a toll in a drawn out fight. When facing them in a group, target the Zeostars first or use Mallow’s thunderbolt skill to deal AoE damage to the enemy.


Leuko resembles a jellyfish and although weak to fire, they can absorb a good amount of damage due to their high magic defense. They also deal high ice damage so be careful when facing them. It’s best to use timed hits to finish them off so it’s best to have Bowser in your team to deal high physical damage and save your Fp for other monsters.


Bloobers are timid monsters that usually run away from a fight. If they choose to stay and fight, They deal moderate damage but don’t usually pose as a threat. When faced with a mob of different enemies, You should focus on defeating them last.

Mr. Kipper

Mr. Kipper only spawns underwater. They deal a good amount of damage so it’s best to finish them off quickly. When faced with 2 or more of these fish monsters, use Mallow’s thunderbolt skill to wipe them out fast.

Area 1 (entrance to sea cavern and shaman shop)

From the shaman shop area, Make your way towards the exit beside the shaman to take you to the save area. If you are planning to use the skill swap glitch or the Star powerup trick, don’t forget to remove all your armor before saving the game.

After doing this, head back towards the shop and make your way to the next area with the star powerup.

Area 2 (star powerup cavern)

Position yourself below the treasure chest and jump to unlock the Star powerup to start your Xp grind. Continue doing this until you reach level 16 then proceed to the exit as soon as you level up.

Area 3 (cavern hallway to top part of save room)

Clear the Zeostar mobs in the way and take the exit on the top left side of the room to take you to the top part of the save room to get a frog coin, recovery mushroom and a flower tab.

Save room (top)

This area takes you back to the top portion where the save block is located. Grab the contents of the treasure chests in the air by jumping under them. You can also jump on top of the stacked boxes and jump down on the other side to save your game but you will not be able to jump back up.

After grabbing the contents of the treasure chests in the area, make your way back to Area 3 and take exit located at the bottom left side of the map.

Area 4 (cavern with underwater path)

When you enter this area, Jump on the water and touch the whirlpool to transition to the bottom of the sea. At the top right side of the rock wall will be a small entrance that you can take to jump out of the pool on top. Grab the treasure chest to get the max mushroom then head towards the exit at the bottom left corner of the map.

Area 5 (Sunken Ship)

The Sea

The final area let’s you exit the cavern and spot the sunken ship under the sea. Jump on the water and touch the whirlpool to take you to the bottom of the ocean and make your way towards the sunken ship and enter from the top of the sails to take you to the next area.

Continue Walkthrough to Sunken Ship Upper Level in Super Mario RPG

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