Sunken Ship Upper Level in Super Mario RPG Walkthrough

The Sunken Ship introduces a lot of new enemies as well as 2 Boss fights in the area. We suggest that you always have Mallow in your active party in this area to make battles easier since the enemies here are weak to lightning spells and skills.

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Enemies in the area (Sunken Ship Upper Level)

NameHitpointsAttackGold coinsExperienceWeaknessItem drop
Reacher18495830ThunderPick me up
Straw head131801712ThunderPure water
Dry bones12874512ThunderPure water


Greapers are the guardians of the puzzle room doors at the sunken ship. They deal decent damage and can be a threat in a group. Being an undead mob type, they are weak against pure water which drops from Straw Heads so use them when you can. Otherwise, finish them with basic attacks and timed hits.


A Reacher usually accompanies Greaper in a party. They are hard to kill with their high Hitpoints and disabling skills. Using pure water on them kills them instantly so you might want to save your pure water items on them. You can also use Mallows thunder skill to deal massive damage or Geno Whirl to deal with them fast.

Straw Head

Straw head usually accompanies undead mobs such as greapers, dry bones or Reachers. They are especially troublesome since they can use morph skills to turn you into a scarecrow that disables your basic attacks for a number of turns. Focus on them first while using thunder attacks or timed hits before moving on to other enemy types when faced in a party.

Dry Bones

The only way to defeat Dry Bones is by using spells or skills. They take damage from basic attacks but it won’t kill them. The best solution for dealing with them efficiently is by having Mallow in the party and let him use the thunderbolt skill to damage them. Be sure to get out of the way quickly after the fight since Dry Bones will respawn after a few moments which makes them another good way to farm for experience.

Sunken Ship Puzzle

Sunken Ship

Upon Entering the Sunken Ship there will be a 6 Puzzle Challenge awaiting. Please review our article on How to solve the Sunken Ship Puzzle in Super Mario RPG.

Area to 1st Boss fight (Save Area)

Save your game and prepare to Fight King Calamari the next area

Boss fight: King Calamari

NameHitpointsAttackGold coinsExperienceWeaknessItem drop
King Calamari80010010034FireNone
Left tentacle20087NoneNoneFireNone
Right tentacle28082NoneNoneFireNone

Once you enter King Calamari’s Lair, You will have to face 2 sets of 3 tentacles that block your way to King Calamari. To make the fight easier, we recommend using Geno and Mallow in your team when facing the Boss monster.

Tentacle Battle

King Calamari’s tentacles deal low damage with their basic attacks. Have Mallow use Thunderbolt while Geno attacks with Geno Blast while Mario finishes off the turn phase with a timed hit to make short work on the tentacles.

Tentacle throw skill

If you fail to wipeout all the tentacles in the first turn, It will sometimes hurl you in the air that makes you lose a turn and deal damage and debuff when you land. This weakens all your attacks so don’t forget to use an able juice or Muku cookies to remove the status effects of the enemy’s skill.

To learn where to get Muku cookies please read our guide on How to get Muku Cookies in Super Mario RPG.

King Calamari

King Calamari

After defeating the 6 tentacles on your way to the end of the Boss room, King Calamari shows up for the 1st Boss fight accompanied by 2 more tentacles. Have Geno use Geno Boost on the party and Mallow’s Shocker skill to finish off the tentacles first to avoid being thrown by them and weaken your attack damage.

When the tentacles are defeated, Use Geno Boost on Mario and have him use the fireball skill on King Calamari. Alternate between healing and shocker with Mallow to finish off the Boss fast.

Entrance to Lower Level

After the fight you get 100 gold coins and 34 experience points. You will then be transported to another room with a trampoline. Do not jump on the trampoline since it will send you back up. Head towards the exit instead to take you deeper into the Sunken ship.

Continue Walkthrough to Lower Level Sunken Shop in Super Mario RPG

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