How to Solve the Sunken Ship Puzzles in Super Mario RPG

The Sunken Ship Puzzle is a set of challenges in six of the doors in the sunken ship area that gives you hints for the password that will let you proceed through the level and battle the Pirate King Boss.

The password is a six-letter word that you input by spelling it on the boxes outside the door entrance of the boss fight.

Head to the Sea from the World Map

Once you arrive at the Sea Location. Make your way past the item vendor and head down toward the next area.

Make your way down two more rooms until you get to the puzzle area. It’s best to equip Geno with your party since the enemies here are weak to lightning.

Entrance to Sunken Ship

Use the Whirlpools at the ocean to take you to the bottom. From here, look for the sunken ship and jump onto the top of the mast and make your way inside to the puzzle challenge area.

Puzzle Challenge area


o keep things simple, let’s label the puzzle doors from 1 to 6 with the first one marked closest to the entrance of the room. The first three doors from the top will be from right to left and the last three doors at the bottom will be from left to right.

Puzzle Challenge 1

The first challenge is to make the sky Troopa push the cannonball into the floating switch. Once he sees you, he will be following you around.

The thing to do here is to make a beeline to the upper right corner of the room when his back is turned and stop a few steps near the boxes like in the image above.

Once he sees you, move to the bottom of the room until he pushes the cannonball in his way while trying to go get to you. That would make the cannonball fall on the switch that would unlock your first clue.

The rewards you get here are the password hint and a mushroom.

Puzzle Challenge 2

The second challenge brings you to a room with three moving springs. Adjacent to it are three J boxes.

To solve this puzzle, time your jump until the springboards are almost on the opposite side of the J boxes. Once you set the third springboard in place, a cannonball will be dropped and will bounce up the three springs and land on the switch at the top right of the screen.

Completing the second challenge gives you the second hint and a flower pot.

Puzzle Challenge 3

The third challenge is one of the hardest ones in the game. It’s a 3d maze puzzle where you enter the maze from the bottom and reach the top. Since it’s in 3d, you won’t be able to see your progress as you climb up the maze.

From the entrance, make your way inside the doorway. it is best if you take note of the path we’ve charted so you won’t feel lost.

Move your way up until you hit a dead end and then move to your right. Take another right at the end and start jumping while moving down.

Once you reach another dead end, take another right and move your way slowly until you exit on the lower middle doorway to your left.

From the second floor, head to the doorway to your right. Head straight up and take a right when you reach a dead end.

Jump towards the next pathway to take you to the edge of the maze to your right.

As you reach the edge, move further in until the screen shakes indicating you fell. Jump to your left until you feel yourself moving then walk to your right and take another right until you reach the edge.

From there, start jumping. You should see your head peeking out from the hole. From there, simply climb up the platform and activate the  switch to get the frog gem and third password hint.

Puzzle Challenge 4

As soon as you enter the fourth puzzle door, a gold coin will be spawning other gold coins around the place. Slowly follow the lead coin and pick up the gold coins it spawns and leaves behind it asy you make your way across the room.

The pathe the lead coin takes is pretty easy to follow. Once it completes it’s run and stops back at the entrance of the room, grab the lead coin to complete the puzzle.

Aside from the gold coins you collected, you will be awarded the fourth puzzle hint. If you managed to grab the lead coin by accident, simply exit the room and enter again to trigger the puzzle from the beginning.

Here is quick GIF showing the path

Puzzle Challenge 5

For this challenge you will be in a room with three cannons on the platform above you and four J boxes Below it.

This puzzle will need a bit of finesse and speed to pull off and here’s how to do it. Take note of the J box shadows in the room. This is where you should position yourself to jump later on.

Jump on the first box on your left to let the cannons start shooting. Quickly go to the next shadow and wait for the cannonball to be directly below you and press jump to hit the J Box above you then quickly make your way to the next one.

Do this for the three cannonballs and the third ball will hit the switch at the fourth j box. If you mistime your jump, exit the room and get back in again to restart the challenge.

Once you hit the last j box with the cannonball, The switch will be triggered and the items will drop down for you to collect to finish the puzzle.

Completing this challenge will give you one mushroom and the fifth password clue.

Puzzle Challenge 6

The last puzzle challenge gives you two switches beside each other to activate together. You could activate only one of the switches by stepping on it so you will need something else to be on top of the other switch.

Head over to the stack of barells on the right side of the room. Position yourself on the top of the second barell and jump on top of it while facing the wall.

This will let the barell slide down to the floor for you to use as weight for the right floor switch.

Next, jump on top of the barell while facing the screen to move it closer to the switch. Jumping while facing away from the screen will let it roll the opposite way.

Once the barell is in place. Step on the switch on the left side to finish the challenge. This will give you one mushroom and the final password hint.

Tips and Tricks

All puzzle doors will be guarded by Greapers at the entrance. You could bypass the fights if you want to by entering the doors by hugging the wall and making your way slowly behind the Greapers.

Sunken Ship Puzzles

You could also plan not to do all the puzzle challenges if you already know the password. Once you get to the puzzle floor area, head to the 6th puzzle door challenge and complete it to get to the password input room.

The password for the sunken ship is “PEARLS”. See the image above to know where to input the letters for the password solution.

Jump on the J boxes to spell the password and go to the horn by the instruction note to unlock the door to the boss.

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