Sunken Ship Lower Level in Super Mario RPG Walkthrough

Before we begin, Be sure to have Mallow in your active party for this area in the Sunken Ship Lowe Level. Most of the enemies here are weak to lightning spells so be sure to stock up a lot of Fp items for your skills. This is also a good place to farm for experience so if you haven’t reached at least level 16 yet, this is a good place to raise those levels to make future fights easier.

Table of Contents

Enemies in the Area

NameHitpointsAttackGold coinsExperienceWeaknessItem drop
Alley rat1057039NoneMushroom
Gorgon14086020ThunderMid mushroom
Bandana red120781018Fire/thunderMushroom
Mr. Kipper1337528Fire/thunderAble juice
Crusty80100725Fire/thunderHoney syrup
Zeostar 9075310Fire/thunderMushroom
Leuko22065320FireMid mushroom

Alley Rat

Alley Rats are very fast but tend to flee the battle most of the time. When they choose to fight though, They can be troublesome due to their poison attacks that deal damage each turn. Use Mallow’s AoE spells to deal enough damage for your party to finish them off with basic attacks and timed hits. Deal with them first when faced with a party of different mobs to make fights easier.


Gorgons are a bit hard to kill due to their good physical and magic defense. When facing a group with Gorgons in the party, Use Mallow’s Shocker skill to deal massive damage and finish them off with Mario’s timed hits or basic attacks. Luckily, their damage is easy to handle so defeating them first shouldn’t be a priority.

Mr. Kipper, Zeostar and Leuko

You can find details and strategies  for Mr. kipper, Zeostar and Leuko in The Sea walkthrough in Super Mario Rpg.


Crusty spawns at the underwater part of the sunken ship. The enemies in the underwater area can deal a good amount of damage so watch out for them. Luckily they are weak to thunder skills so have Mallow use Thunderbolt and clear them out before they deal damage. It usually takes 1 timed thunderbolt skill to wipe them out so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Bandanna Red

The last 2 rooms before the boss room will be guarded by groups of sharks with red bandanas. They spawn in groups of 4 to 5 and can be troublesome when facing them without Mallow in the party. Be sure to have Mallow in the group and let him deal thunderbolt in his turn to make short work on the Bandana red spawns in the area.

Lower level Area 1

Sunken Ship Lower Level

After the King Calamari Boss fight, You will find yourself below the boss room with a trampoline. Do not jump on the trampoline since it will bring you back to the beginning of the Sunken Ship. Head for the exit which is located at the top right side of the room.

Lower level Area 2

The next area is guarded by a party of Dry Bones. Ignore them since they respawn again after being defeated. The room has 2 exit points that takes you to Area 3. Take the top exit by climbing up the stacked J boxes in the area.

Lower level Area 3 (top section)

The room in area 3 is split into 2 sections. The top section is guarded by Alley Rats with cannons. The cannonballs from the cannons will push Mario to the bottom section of the room.

To get to the exit, Stay on the top section of the room and rush forward while avoiding the cannonballs. Another set of 3 alley Rats will be guarding the exit so avoid the cannonballs to reach the exit safely.

Lower level area 3 (bottom section)

In case you fall off from the top section of the room or get pushed back by the cannonballs to the bottom section, take the exit back to Area 2 and make your way back to the top section of Area 3.

Lower level Area 4

Climb down the stairs in this area. The place will be guarded by Alley Rats so either avoid them or finish them off. The exit is located at the bottom of the stairs.

Lower level Area 5

Hop onto the stacked barrels beside the exit and use it to jump towards the stacked boxes in the center of the room. The 2 treasure boxes contain 100 gold coins apiece so don’t forget to get them on your way to the next area.

Lower level Area 6 (duplicate Mario room)

Area 6 is the room where a duplicate of Mario copies your every move. You can get a Kerokero Cola inside the hidden treasure chest in this area. To do this, you have to position yourself and the duplicate below the hidden treasure chest and hop on top of your copy and use him as a jump point to jump higher and reach the treasure chest. After you grab the Kerokero Cola, Head towards the bottom left exit to take you to the bottom part of area 5.

Lower level Area 7

From here, take the bottom left exit to take you to the next area. A party of Dry Bones will be patrolling the area on top of the stacked J boxes so if you plan on farming that mob for experience, be careful not to fall off to the other side. In case you do fall off, that area is area 5 so make your way to area 6 then back to area 7.

Lower level Area 8

Take the staircase to exit the area. This room will be guarded by a number of dry bones so don’t bother to finish them off since they respawn after being defeated.

Save point Area (safety badge location)

This area is the save room. This is also where you can get the Safety badge which is inside the treasure chest with a hidden monster inside.

Safety Badge

To learn more about the Safety Badge and how to defeat the monster that guards it, You can find the details on our Guide on How to get the Safety Badge in Super Mario RPG.

Afterwards, Head towards the exit located at the top right corner of the area.

Lower level Area 9 (top section)

This area will also be split into 2 sections. The top section has the entrance and exit while the underwater section will not be accessible to you from here. Head towards the exit to take you to the next area.

Lower level Area 10

At a glance, the room looks like a dead end. The exit is underwater so you will have to touch the whirlpool to take you down. Before exiting the area, head towards the underwater entrance in Area 9 to grab the frog coins floating at the bottom of the room.

Lower level Area 9 (underwater section)

Grab the 4 frog coins in this room and exit from where you entered. Once you get back to Area 10, head towards the exit located at the top right corner of the underwater area.

Lower level Area 11

After exiting area 10, You will be taken to a staircase guarded by Zeostars. It’s best you clear them out for easy experience since they can all be one shot by Mallow’s thunderbolt. Afterwards, take the exit at the bottom right of the staircase.

Lower level Area 12 (entrance to secret room)

This area has a secret room that contains a safety ring for you and your party. A family of Bloobers will be guarding this area so don’t forget to have Mallow on your team to make short work of the mobs here.

Safety Ring

To learn how to access the secret room and the safety ring in this area, Please check out our guide on How to get the Safety ring in Super Mario RPG.

After grabbing the safety ring from the treasure chest in the secret room behind the barrels, head back outside and take the top right exit to take you to the lower deck area of the sunken ship.

Sunken Ship Lower deck

As soon as you get to the room, A band of Bandanna Reds confront you. Clear them fast by using Mallow’s thunderbolt and continue up the stairs to your right.

A short cutscene will play where the enemies bowl you over when you climb the stairs and drop a barrel towards you. After the cutscene plays, head to the top of the stairs towards the upper deck of the Sunken Ship.

Sunken Ship Upper deck

Another group of Bandana Reds will block your path in this area. Just use Mallow’s thunderbolt to defeat them easily. Afterwards, They will allow you to go inside the Boss room where Jonathan Jones and his henchman wait for you with the 5th Star piece on the table.

Boss fight: Jonathan Jones

NameHitpointsAttackGold coinsExperienceWeaknessItem drop
Jonathan Jones820855090NoneNone
Bandana Blue15080None20Fire/thunderNone
Jones transformation (Get tough skill)40090NoneNoneNoneNone

A short cutscene plays where Jonathan Jones explains how he came across the Star Piece unde the Sea. When Mario asks Him to hand the Star Piece over to him, He challenges the party to a duel and tells them that if Mario wins then He will hand over the Star Piece.

The recommended level when facing Jonathan Jones is level 15. He is accompanied by 4 Bandana Blues who deal physical attacks and skills. The Boss deals high physical damage as well as ice attacks and will occasionally cast mega drain that steals some of your Hitpoints to heal his own.

Jonathan Jones transformation

Jonathan Jones has 1 transformation which activates when he has about 400 Hitpoints left. His skin turns red and his defense and attack receives a boost making him tankier and harder to beat.

1v1 duel

Another thing to be wary about is that when he does his transformation and you manage to defeat all of his minions, He will challenge you to a 1 on 1 fight which can be troublesome with his buffs.

To avoid fighting him 1v1, Leave 1 Bandana Blue minion alive while having your party focus on dealing damage to Jones. As long as at least 1 minion is alive, Johnny won’t challenge Mario to a duel.

Boss Battle

At the start of the battle have your party focus their attacks on 3 of the minions before damaging the boss. The Bandana Blue minions are a lot tougher than the Red Bandanas that you previously encountered but they can be one shot by Mallows thunderbolt AoE skill. You should avoid using thunderbolt so you won’t accidentally wipe out the enemy and trigger the 1v1 battle with Mario later on.

Boss transformation

Once 3 of his Minions are down, have the party focus their attacks on Jones. Have Mario use timed hits while mallow casts Shocker until the Boss Transformation.

When Jones’s Hitpoints dip to about 400 Hitpoints, he will cast “Get Tough” which increases his damage and defense until the end of the fight.

When this happens, have Mario switch to basic attacks while the rest deal skill attacks if their damage is too low. Be careful not to accidentally target the lone minion in Jones’ team so he won’t challenge you to a 1v1 fight.

Have Toadstool cast group hug to heal the group and use Fp items when your Fp gets low. Once she’s free, have her deal basic attacks or defend. Use this strategy until you defeat Jones I. The fight.

After the fight, Jones surrenders the 5th Star piece and lets you leave the sunken ship via the door to the top right side of the room.

5th Star Piece

A cutscene will then play where Mario gets the Star piece and places it in his inventory. Talk to Jones one last time before heading towards the exit that will bring you back to the world map.

From the world map, head back to Seaside Town. To show the 5th Star Piece to the elder of the town.

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