How to get Special Mushrooms in Super Mario Rpg

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You can purchase Special Mushrooms from the little Goomba triplets at the Monstro Town Item Shop.

What makes these mushrooms special is that aside from healing you for 30 Hitpoints, They also inflict you with the mushroom status that turns you into a mushroom for 2 to 3 turns in battle. While in a mushroom state, you also regenerate a small amount of health each turn.

Where to get Special Mushrooms

Once you get to Monstro Town, Head over to the item shop. It’s the door with a red mushroom sign outside.

Talk to the triplets inside the shop. They have only one item for sale in their inventory that looks exactly like an ordinary mushroom for 4 gold coins each.

Special Mushroom

This is one of the items that are easily overlooked. At a glance, they look exactly like an ordinary mushroom. The only way to tell them apart is if you look closely at their item description.

How to use Special Mushrooms

The special mushroom can be used like any normal healing item in battle. Select it from your inventory window to heal one of your party members with it.

After it heals a party member for 30 HP, It promptly turns them into a mushroom for about 3 turns. While you are in mushroom form, You won’t be able to move or do anything but you regenerate a small amount of health every turn until you morph back.

To counter getting transformed into a mushroom when using special mushrooms, you need to have a trueform pin accessory slotted into your character. Unfortunately, the special mushroom will only give you 30 Hitpoints when used and not grant you the small hp regeneration each turn like when you transform into a mushroom.

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