How to get Mallow’s Ultimate Weapon (Sonic Cymbals) in Super Mario RPG

The Sonic Cymbals can be obtained by clearing the 1st Action Course of the 6-Door Challenge in Bowser’s Keep. When equipped, The weapon grants Mallow 70 points of damage making it the best weapon for Mallow in the Game.

Table of Contents

Where to get the Sonic Cymbals

For directions on how to get to the Action Course with the Sonic Cymbals, please read our guide on The Action Courses for the 6-Door Challenge in Super Mario RPG.

*Please note that accessing the Action Course Challenge is randomly generated so you might have to clear other Challenges before you can get to Action Course 1 in Bowser’s Keep.

How to use the Sonic Cymbals

Open up your inventory, Select the equipment tab and slot in the Sonic Cymbals on Mallow’s weapon slot. This grants Mallow 90 attack damage as well as randomly raises his base and highest damage on critical hits.

Sonic Cymbals animation

The animation when using the Sonic Cymbals is similar to the Cymbals weapon Mallow gets on earlier levels. To execute a perfect timed hit, tap the A button as soon as Mallow clashes his cymbals together for him to spread it open again and deal additional damage. This is a must-have weapon for Mallow since it boosts his weapon attack damage making it a reliable option when dealing damage and saving your Fp for much tougher fights.

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