How to skip first Boss in Super Mario RPG

You can skip the first boss fight by doing a series of precise jumps on the top left side of the boss room to skip the battle entirely and get the 1st Star Piece.

This is also known as Mack skip in the Super Mario Rpg community and is used primarily for speed runs. It can be a bit tricky to pull off at first but gets easier with some practice.

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How to skip first boss

To keep things simple, We shall be breaking down the 3 jump spots/areas that you have to land on and position yourself so you won’t trigger the cutscene of the Boss battle. As soon as you enter the Boss room inside the Castle in Mushroom Kingdom, head to the start area by the candles to your left.

Mack skip 1st jump

From the start point, jump towards the first Shyster. Aim for the shadow where the Shyster is jumping on. If you miss your mark, the cutscene will trigger and you will end up fighting Mack. If that happens, just reset your game to your last save and try again.

Mack skip 2nd jump

The 2nd jump brings you to the top of the first shysters head. If you perfectly timed your first jump, Pressing the jump button here will bring you on top of his head.

Mack skip 3rd jump

The 3rd jump is a bit tricky to execute properly. You will have to jump from the shysters head towards the top stairs without touching the red carpet. Going beyond that will trigger the boss battle. If youe jump doesn’t reach the top step, hold the Y button while pressing the B button to perform a running jump towards the steps.

skip first Boss

From the top steps, make your way towards the Chancellor by the curtain by moving as far away from the boss as possible. We have outlined a path for you to follow so you won’t accidentally trigger the cutscene and boss battle while you make your way towards the upper left corner.

After speaking with the Chancellor, the cutscene for after the boss fight will trigger while Mack and his minions will still be standing and waiting for you. You also get the first Star Piece afterwards even if you don’t fight Mack. Once you exit the boss room and go back inside again, Mack and his minions will be gone from the room.

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