Rose Way in Super Mario RPG Walkthrough

You follow Frogfucius’s advice and pass through Rose Way to get to the town. Be sure you are in full health and Fp before venturing deeper since there are a few enemies guarding this area.

Don’t forget to equip the Froggie Stick weapon for Mallow. This will make him more efficient in basic attacks so you won’t have to waste precious Fp on skills in this area. You should also equip Mario’s Noknok Shell which you got from the river guide I’m Midas River to deal a bit more damage.

Enemies in The Area

NameHitpointsExp. GainedGold coinsItem drop (chance)
Shy Guy3011None
Crook381010Honey syrup

The Shy Guy often spawns in pairs. Sometimes they will be mixed with Starslap and when facing them, Focus your attacks on the Starslap first.   Mallow’s thunderbolt skill is effective for taking out groups of enemies but it usually takes about two skills to wipe them out in a party.

Starslaps on the other hand have double the Shy Guy’s Hitpoints but are notoriously squishy opponents. Mallow’s thunderbolt skill deals a good amount of damage on them so when facing them, let Mario deal a timed hit before unleashing your thunderbolt to kill it off in a single turn.

Crooks prefer to ambush you from behind. This gives them the advantage of attacking first and can deal a good amount of damage. To make things worse, They usually run away from a fight and leave other enemies to deal with you. Use timed hits to kill them off as quickly as possible because chances are that when their turn comes to act, They will flee the battle taking their 10 gold and experience with them.

Rose Way Main Area Map

Since we will be coming back to this area often as we explore the other areas here, Let’s call this the Main Area. From the entrance, Read the Sign for instructions on how to use the platforms to navigate through the pond.

Main Area to North West Entrance (frog coin location)

Hop on the first platform from the entrance and switch to the second platform in front of you.

Hop off when the 2nd platform reaches the island with the recovery mushroom on it. After getting the mushroom, Hop on to the 2nd platform to take you further in.

The 2nd platform will bring you to the next island where the 3rd platform is located. Hop on that to take you to the left side of the map where another platform will be waiting.

The platform you are on will then lead you to the 4th platform. Do not jump off just yet. Stay put and let the 3rd platform travel to the left where a flower item is located.

Hop down and grab the flower and get back on the platform to take you back to where the 4th platform is located. Hop on to the 4th platform and wait for it to move.

Once you reach the edge of the map, make your way to the entrance of the northwest area where the frog coin can be obtained.

Northwest Area (frog coin)

The next area will take you to where you can get a frog coin. There will be two Shy Guys swinging from the platforms above. One is located near the entrance and the other one is further in where a jump box is located suspended high above for you to normally reach.

Jump and defeat the shy guys standing on the platforms then position yourself where the platform swings lower to the ground. Hop on top of it and swing your way to the next platform.

The platforms will be swinging so you have to time your jump to get to the next platform and wait till it swings to the end part of the map where you will be able to grab the suspended jump box for the frog coin.

After grabbing the frog coin inside the jump box, Hop back on the ground and head back to the entrance to take you back to the middle area of Rose Way.

Main map area to top area (crook spawn area)

Once you get back to the main area, Hop on to the 4th platform to take you back to the 3rd platform. Do not get off here. Instead, stay on your platform as it takes you north to the entrance of the crook spawn area. Don’t forget to jump and get the gold coin hanging in the air as you go near it.

The platform will then take you to the edge of the entrance to the next area. Hop off and proceed to the entrance where crooks spawn.

Crook Spawn Area

The Crook spawn area has one entrance and one exit. Aside from the crook ambush spots here, You will have to deal with the shy guy spawns that the Latiku (Cloud Monster) will be summoning from the end of it’s rope. To do this, Just jump on the shy guy as the cloud monster moves past you to initiate the battle.

The bushes in the area will sometimes be ambush spots for crooks. Face the enemy as they trigger the battle for you to start the first move in the battle phase. If you enter the battle where they initiate it and your back is turned, The enemy party gets the first turn and crooks will usually flee from the battle and leave you to deal with the rest of the enemy spawns.

When you reach Latiku’s guard area, jump towards the shy guy hanging by its rope to start the battle. Latiku will spawn additional shy guys from the rope so defeat them until they stop spawning. Doing this will let Latiku drop a recovery mushroom once you get near the exit.

Watch out for the crook who will ambush you when you leave Latiku’s guard area. Lure him out by tiptoeing to the opposite end of the bush for him to dash towards you. Attack him when his back his turned to gain the upper hand by starting the first move in the battle.

After dealing with the crooks, walk near the exit and wait for Latiku to throw a recovery mushroom on the ground before floating away. Grab the recovery mushroom before you exit the area.

Main map area to the path to Rose Town

When you exit, You will start at the top-right side of the main map. Hop on the platform to let it take you to another platform below you.

Move to the 2nd platform to reach the entrance to the path to Rose Town.

The 2nd platform will pass an island with a gold coin before reaching the entrance to the path. Hop down the island and jump to grab the coin there before hopping back on the platform to reach the path entrance.

Path to Rose Town area 1

There are 2 areas to the path to Rose Town. The first area will be guarded by shy guys and crooks. The shy guys will be patrolling the area and standing on top of the jump boxes here.

There will also be crooks in the area so remember the red circle markers in the map of where they ambush you. Be sure to initiate the battle while their backs are turned to increase your chances of wiping their party out before they get the chance to flee.

Head to the exit after grabbing all the gold coins from the jump boxes. You could take either path here since both of them lead to the exit at the right side edge of the map.

Path to Rose Town Area 2

Rose Way

As soon as you enter the area, a cutscene will trigger where you hide in the bushes and spy on Bowser mobilizing his army. After he inspects his troops he will exit the area to Rose Town at the top right side of the map. After talking to Mallow, Follow Bowser to the exit and make your way to Rose Town.

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Super Mario RPG Walkthrough

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