Rose Town in Super Mario RPG Walkthrough

When you  enter Rose Town, You find the citizens in a panic. Arrows are raining down from the sky at random and immobilizing them. To find out what’s going on, You will have to speak to the mushroom citizens in the town.

Rose Town Map Area

Rose Town

There are 2 areas here where you can find hidden treasures. The first one is inside the item shop where you should go inside through the chimney to reach them and the 2nd one is inside the house on top of the hill on the upper left side of the map.

Talk to the mushroom resident who got hit by the stray arrow as soon as you enter the town to find out what has been happening in the town recently. Head further in, past the welcome sign, and talk to the next mushroom citizen standing by the house.

After speaking with him, Head to the right side of the map to the item shop. Instead of going through the front door, head to the right side of the house and look for a stack of boxes there.

Make your way to the chimney by climbing up the stack of boxes to take you inside the item shop.

1st hidden treasure

The chimney lets you reach the top bookshelf where a jump box with a flower tab is located. Grab the contents of the box before going to the top of the shelves behind the counter for the hidden treasure.

Go to the upper left corner of the room and jump to the edge to reveal the hidden treasure containing a frog coin. After getting it, you should buy better armor from the armor trader as well as buy another true-form pin. This will be useful later in the next world map area.

After you make your purchases, leave the item shop and make your way to the house on top of the hill on the upper left side of the town. You won’t be able to reach the house just yet. Look for the owner of the house at the bottom of the hill and speak with him.

Afterward, jump on top of his head and jump up to the hill, and head inside the house for the treasures.

2nd hidden treasure

Grab the two flower tabs from the jump boxes inside the house. After getting them, go up the stairs to the 2nd floor.

When you reach the 2nd floor, jump on the bed to reveal the 2nd treasure chest containing a frog coin before stepping on the switch to activate the stairs on the hill. Afterward, go out of the house and speak with the owner.

The owner thanks you for activating the switch to the stairs and asks if his treasures are okay. Answer truthfully by selecting “I wouldn’t say so”.

He runs inside to check the treasures and accuses you of taking them. Answer him with “Sorry, I got carried away”, and he forgives you and gives you a hint on how to navigate through a part of the forest maze in the next area.

You could also get the navigation directions for the forest maze by not taking the treasures inside the house but you won’t be able to get the 2 flower tabs and frog coin when you do that.

Unlocking the forest maze

After getting the 2 treasure chests in this location, Go to the Inn at the bottom left side of the map. Inside, You will meet a kid who is playing with his toys.

He spots you and calls his mom. When he asks to confirm that you are the real Mario, Press the jump button to convince him. Afterward, he asks you to play with him and his toys.

He tells you that his name is Gaz and asks you to play as Bowser in the game. He gets a Geno doll and accidentally hits you with Geno’s superstar shot and knocking you out.

During the night, a cutscene will play a star fragment bringing the Geno Doll to life. Afterward, it moves out of the house and I to the forest maze.

You wake up on the 2nd floor of the inn. Don’t forget to save your game at the save block before going down and continuing with the story.

As you go downstairs, Gaz enters the inn in a hurry and tells his mom that he saw his toy Geno go into the forest. His mom doesn’t believe him and scolds him for making up stories. After saying your goodbyes, exit Rose Town and follow Geno into the forest.

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Super Mario RPG Walkthrough

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