Where to Get Rock Candies in Super Mario RPG

Rock Candies are  AOE damage-dealing items that can be found in places like Seaside Village and Bowser’s Keep.

They are usually found in Hidden Boxes that are scattered around the world. You could also get them as potential prizes when completing the puzzle courses in Bowser’s Keep and by getting 3 stars in the slot machine boxes in Bean Valley.

To get us started, let’s first explore the first area where we can get the Rock Candy which is in Booster Pass.

Hidden Box in Booster Pass

From your world map head towards Booster Pass and enter. You will then be brought to the entrance of the map area.

Booster Pass Entrance Map

There are two paths that you can take here, take the path in the middle of the map between the rock face.

Once you reach the end of the rock wall to your left, climb the opposite rock to your right and head straight up.

Reach the top and uncover the hidden box by jumping on the top edge of the area. This will reveal a hidden (?) Box containing a rock candy.

Bowser’s Keep

The Rock Candy in Bowser’s Keep is at 2 potential locations. You can get them at the 6-door puzzle challenge.

Return to Bowser’s Keep

After a brief conversation with Bowser who is now in your party, head straight ahead inside the Keep. Progress through the area by clearing mobs until you reach the area with six red doors ahead of you.

Door #1 Puzzle Challenge

Enter the door marked #1 at the left end of the screen to take you to the first puzzle course. This will take you to the bridge room with boiling lava.

Invisible path

At first glance, you might think there is no way to get across. The technique here is to do a little hop while moving forward where the screen starts to move and follow you to reveal the hidden path.

The path will be invisible after a few moments. To see the path again, just do another short hop to make it appear again.

Rock Candies

Slowly navigate your way to the top left corner wall of the room and look for the box containing the rock candy item.

You could disregard all the other boxes altogether and go for the box containing the rock candy but unless you are fully equipped, it’s best to grab the 2 bombs and royal syrup on your way to the next area.

Door #2 Action Challenge

The second place is a bit tricky. We have scouted different Super Mario RPG community pages for this and this took us two tries to get a rock candy.

We think that this is a random drop in this area where some posted they got a rock candy at the end of the puzzle course while others got it on the 7th or 8th mob fight.

Once you enter the second door, you will be challenged by a red mage who spawns mobs to block your path. Defeat these mobs and move forward to the end of the hallway.

Battle Strategy

It’s best if you put Bowser in your team composition in this area. His passive skill of scaring enemies and making them flee can save you a lot of time in battles and also save you AoE items like bombs for much tougher enemies.

We managed to grab a rock candy on our 7th mob battle on our second playthrough. Depending on the luck on your drop, you could get a rock candy on the 7th or eighth mob battle, or at the end of the action challenge.

Bean Valley Rock Candy Location

The Rock Candy item in Bean Valley can be obtained once you hit 3 stars on the slot machine hidden boxes inside the pipes in this location.

Once you enter the Bean Valley area, move straight ahead until you find 2 pipes. Take the one on the right.

The next area will have three pipes visible on the screen. Take the one on your left and continue on.

When you get to the third area, proceed to the exit on the top left of the screen to take you to the set of pipes with plants on it.

From here, you will have to go inside the pipes on the bottom right of the screen. It’s the second pipe from your right. Wait for the flying enemy to water the plant for you to remove it from the pipe and go inside.

As you drop down to this area, head to the slot machine box and jump below it. It will trigger a mini game where you would have to time your jumps to let the floating symbols stop on a star.

Collect 3 stars to get a rock candy from the box. If you mistime your jump and don’t get 3 stars, you can always restart your save and try again.

Gift from Toadstool at the Factory

Once you enter the first floor of the factory you will then be accosted by the Clerk and trigger a mini boss battle.

Defeat the Clerk and his minions to trigger a scene where Toadstool arrives and offers help to Mario and the Princess.

He offers to sell you some items in his inventory and once you are done, he gifts you with one rock candy item.

Infinite Rock Candy Trick

The best way to get Rock Candies is through what the SMRPG Gaming Community calls the “Infinite Rock Candy/Gold trick”.

To do this, you must have access to Seaside Town and a bunch of Mushrooms in your inventory. If by chance you don’t have mushrooms on hand, you could purchase them at the Health Shop in this Area.

Once you enter Seaside Town, head straight up past the inn. It’s the building to your left with three doors and a mushroom sign.

Take a right when you come across the stone stairs to take you to another building with 3 doors. Head on inside the first door to your left.

Stock up on mushrooms at the Healthy Food Shop

Buy as many mushrooms as you can spare. The mushroom item is a health item you use to cure 30Hp and costs about 4 gold.

You will need several mushrooms and an equal amount of luck for you to grab a rock candy from this trick. Once  done, head outside and go visit the second shop adjacent to the healthy food shop.

Exchanging Mushrooms at the Shop

Talk to Mushroom Boy at the shop. You will then have the option of letting him taste the mushrooms that you have bought/collected. The results are random and you can get a rock candy, 200 gold, and other items for each mushroom.

Rock Candy

The best way to do this is to head over to the mushroom shop and exchange 5 mushrooms and save your game. If you manage to get 2 rock candies out of 5 mushrooms then you’re doing great.

If you’re not satisfied with the results of your exchange, you can reset your game and start from your save game. The results change every time you reset your game so the chances of you getting a rock candy will be high.

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