How to get Red Essence in Super Mario RPG

You can get Red Essence from the hidden treasure chest in the save area of Forest Maze, sleeping in the Inn at Nimbus land while using the dream cushion and playing “Look the other Way” mini-game at Grate Guy’s Casino.

Red Essence removes all status effects from a character and makes you invincible for 3 turns in battle.


Where to get Red Essence in Forest Maze

The first area where you can get a Red Essence is right after you exit the caves in the forest maze. It’s located near the exit of the Forest Maze save area where you have to jump and reveal the hidden treasure chest here to obtain it.

To find out how to navigate from the start of the forest maze to the save area please look up our guide on the Forest Maze Walkthrough.

Where to get Red Essence in Nimbus Inn

For the 2nd place on where to get the Red Essence, speak with the innkeeper inside the inn on the building at the far-left corner of the map.

The inn charges 30 gold coins per night. After paying, he gives you the option of using the dream cushion which makes you dream while sleeping for an additional 30 gold coins.

While asleep, a cutscene will play where Toad bounces up and down your bed and reveals that he’s secretly a monster in disguise.

You wake up with a start and find Toad at the side of your bed. As you rush to the corner in fright, he comes over and tells you that you had a bad dream and gives you a Red Essence before leaving.

Note that you might have to use the dream cushion a number of times before you get the nightmare sequence since the dreams you have each night are random. Once you get the nightmare dream however, you won’t be able to get it again as well as any additional Red Essence.

Where to get Red Essence in Grate Guy’s Casino

The 3rd place where you can potentially get a Red Essence is by playing the “Look the Other Way” mini-game. Since Red Essence is pretty rare in the game the chances of getting one here is slim but possible with a bit of patience and luck.

Look The Other Way mini-game

Red Essence

The game mechanics are simple. You have to guess whether grate guy will be pointing left or right and you have to look the other way to win. Aside from Red Essence, you also have a chance to win other Rare items like Rock Candy and Kerokero Colas.

To learn more about the Casino and it’s location, please read our guide on How to Open Grate Guy’s Casino in Super Mario Rpg.

How to use Red Essence

To use the Red Essence, select it from the inventory window in battle. Using it on a character will remove all status effects and make you invincible for 3 turns.

This is especially useful in tough boss battles when your health is low and need breathing room to heal yourself and your party members. Although the standard invincibility the item gives you is 3 turns, there are times it can extend to 4 or even 5 turns, but this happens rarely.

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