How to get the Rare Frog Coin in Super Mario RPG

The Rare Frog Coin can be obtained by beating Croco in Bandit’s Way. This special coin can be used to purchase the Cricket Pie in the Mushroom Kingdom.

After Mallow joins your party in the Mushroom Kingdom, you’ll encounter Croco before exiting into the world map.

Head to Bandit’s Way, where Croco will make you chase him.

Not sure if Mallow is supposed to be cute or terrifying…

From here, head down and right to enter the next area.

Route overview:

You’ll notice red spinning flowers in the second area. Use these to jump onto a higher ledge.

You’ll notice two yellow platforms. The one you’re not standing on will always rotate in front of the others, so time your jumps correctly so you won’t fall down.

You know you’re on the correct way when you see one red spinning flower, and one stagnant blue one. Jump down then head to the next path.

Continue to follow Croco through this area. He’ll be quick, so stay focused on him when he zips around the place.

When you get to the final intersection, head the path on the upper left side.

There is a star in this area that you can use to hit K-9’s and gain a lot of EXP. Use the yellow platforms to hit the first box to get the Star.

After it’s worn off, go to the lower right path…

You’ll meet Croco yet again in this area, but you have to be ready to chase after him.

Here’s an overview of the routes you need to take to reach the final hiding place of Croco:

Back to the chase—

Just approach him from the back and let him taunt you. You’ll have to do this a few times.

Area overview:

Croco only rotates hiding between the four smaller hills in the middle.

You’ll know that you’re about to go into battle with him when he tells you, “This is getting old…” and then Mallow will go berserk on him

The technique into beating Croco is to use Mario’s Fire Orb magic, while you let Mallow do the healing using HP Rain as much as possible. But if no healing is needed, you can have Mallow use Thunderbolt on Croco.

You’ll know when Croco has less than 100 HP left when he uses a Weird Mushroom to gain some of it back. Continue with hitting him with the Fire Orb until you beat him.

The battle is done when Mallow demands for the coin back, then Croco will cough up the Rare Frog Coin and runs away again.

Rare Frog Coin
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