What happens when we “override confirm no” in Super Mario RPG

You get 2 hidden poses that Mario does when you spam select “No” when the system asks you if it could overwrite your saved game at the save menu.

Apparently, these are one of the many secrets in Super Mario RPG that very few players have found out. Although they don’t have any benefits in the game, it is still fun to learn about it especially since it’s an old game.

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How to Override Confirm No in Super Mario Rpg

This will only work if you use 2 or more save slots for your save games. So, if you just have 1 save, make a new save game on any of the 4 save slots. You can do this by either creating a new game and save it after the tutorial on Mario’s pad or jump back on the nearest save block and save your game on a new save slot.

 The Save Blocks

Once you save your games on more than 1 save slots, head back to the save block to create a save game. You can do this by jumping on top of the save block to take you to the save menu.

This works on any save block in the game so it’s okay to save your game on any of your nearest save blocks.

Selecting No to override

override confirm no

Next, select the block where you haven’t saved your game previously. If you saved your game previously on save slot 1, select save slot 2 and hit the confirm button. The system will then notify you that the slot was not where you last saved your game and asks you if you want to save there anyway. Spam the confirm button on “No” a number of times before selecting yes to save your game.

Mario Poses

The default pose Mario makes when saving a game will make him do a peace sign before jumping off the screen.

Mario’s Tired Pose

Spamming confirm no for about 11 times before selecting yes, will save your game with a tired Mario pose on your save slot.

Mario’s Exor pose

The next hidden pose is somewhat overlooked by most players. It’s called the Exor pose and to do this, spam confirm no around 50 times before selecting yes to save your game.

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