How to get Mystery Egg in Super Mario Rpg

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The Mystery Egg is 1 of 3 secret items you can purchase from the Treasure Hunting Toad at the item shop in Moleville.

By itself, the egg doesn’t do anything. There’s actually a secret skill that you can obtain from it which we will talk about later on.

For the item to be available for purchase with the Treasure hunting toad, A few requirements should be met.

  • You must defeat the Sunken Ship Boss Jonathan Jones and receive the 5th Star piece.
  • Defeat Yardovich posing as a fake elder in Seaside Town.

For a guide on how to get the 5th star piece, please refer to the Sunken Ship Walkthrough. As for the Yardovich boss fight, you can find the details for it in the Seaside Town Walkthrough.

Where to get the Mystery Egg

After defeating Yardovich in Seaside Town, head back to Moleville and look for the treasure hunting toad in the item shop.

The guy sells you the 2nd item in his shop which is the mystery egg for 200 gold coins. If you visit him without meeting the conditions, he tells you to come back another time.

How to use the Mystery Egg

Mystery egg

To use the Mystery egg, Start a battle as you normally would. Select the mystery egg from your item window and use it. An image of the egg with a heart on top of it will appear and you will hear a buzz sound before it disappears.

Mystery Egg

However, if you slot a B’tub ring on Princess Toadstool and have her use the mystery egg in battle, You will hear a cracking sound instead of a buzz. Other than that, nothing else happens.

Having the mystery egg without a B’tub ring makes the egg pretty much useless. It’s best that you get a B’tub ring as soon as you get the egg and have the princess use the egg 10 times for it to hatch into a skill called the Lamb’s Lure.

You can find the details on where to get the B’tub ring on our guide on How to get the B’tub ring in Super Mario Rpg.

Lamb’s Lure skill

On the 10th time you make princess Toadstool use the mystery egg, You receive a notification with the words “You’re a great shepherd!”. The animation changes into one of a sheep who dances in the air and your mystery egg evolves into a Lamb’s Lure skill.

How to use Lamb’s Lure

The Lamb’s Lure skill can be used by anyone in the party. To do this, Just have them select the skill in your item window. The Lamb’s Lure effect is that it has a chance of turninga single enemy into a sheep and it flies away. One thing to note is that you don’t gain any experience or gold coins when dispatching enemies this way.

Sheep attack

If you manage to convert 48 enemies into Lambs using  Lamb’s Lure, it later evolves into Sheep Attack. This grants a higher chance to convert enemies into Lambs and converts into an AoE skill. To use it, just select the sheep attack item on your inventory window in battle.

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