Mushroom Kingdom Under Attack in Super Mario RPG Walkthrough

The Mushroom Kingdom is under attack by an army of Shysters on pogo sticks. Before you do anything, Head towards the item shop and restock your supplies for the fight to save the town.

Since Mallow already has HP rain for healing, It would be best to stock up more on Fp items together with a pick-me-up in case one of your party members gets incapacitated in a fight. Once your preparations are complete, head out of the shop and reclaim the town.

Enemies in the Area

Enemy typeNameHitpointsCoinsExperienceItem drop %5Item drop %25
MobShyster3023Honey Syrup 

There are four townsfolk being terrorized by Shysters in this area. Help the mushroom Guard by the entrance and defeat the Shyster bouncing after him.

Fighting the Shysters shouldn’t be too hard, especially at level 4. Their jump attacks can easily be defended and their drain attack rarely connects which makes these Shysters a good way to earn experience points. When facing them, Use Mallow’s thunderbolt attack to wipe them out completely. Follow up with Mario’s basic attack to quickly dispatch any survivors if Mallow’s AoE skill doesn’t finish the job.

The Guard gives you 10 gold coins after the fight. Make your way down to the house area and help out the elderly mushroom fending off a band of Shysters. He immediately spots the wallet you got from Croco after the battle and informs you it belongs to him. Hand the wallet over to get a flower tab from the grateful citizen.

Making your way to the north, You spot a Shyster bouncing up and down the door. Defeat him and go inside the house to clear the place of Shysters and save the mushroom family inside.

Next, head towards the side of the inn where a group of Shysters is harassing the Mushroom citizen. Defeat them and proceed towards the entrance of the castle.

Shysters will be spawning out of the door entrance and will be patrolling the castle entrance to the first kingdom entrance to the west. Camp by the stairs and intercept the incoming Shysters to gain experience and gold. When you have enough, get out of their way and make your way back to the item shop and restock your items before going inside the castle.

Castle Interior

You spot Toad being chased by a group of Shysters in the Hallway. After you defeat them, Toad informs you that his friends are holed up in the princess’s chambers to the left. Hurry after him and take the door to the left of the hallway.

Toad gets himself trapped again with 2 groups of Shysters guarding the stairs. Defeat the group closest to the stairs to allow Toad to pass through to the princess’s chambers where you find the door being guarded by 2 more groups of Shysters. Defeat them as well and step inside the princess’s chambers.

Princess’s Chambers

Inside the bedroom, Toad and his friends thank you for saving them. He also gives you a flower tab as a reward. They tell you that the Chancellor is in the throne room and you will have to free him from the Boss. Before anything else, talk to the old lady mushroom near the bed to recover your health and flower points. Next, Save your game and head towards the hallway by the entrance to the castle.

Vault Corridor

From the hallway, take a right towards the vault area. The cleaning servant from the guest room will be in the corridor being boxed in by 2 groups of Shysters. He tells you that the vault guard is in the guest room hiding from the monsters so make your way to the room and talk to him.

Guest Room

You find the vault guard hiding by the corner. He tells you he’s found a gold coin and he won’t part with it but gives you a wake-up pin instead. This accessory grand the wearer immunity from mute and sleep status effects in battle.

The Vault

Afterwards, Head down to the vault where you find that the  jump boxes are restocked from your last visit to this area. Grab the recovery mushroom, flower tab, and 10 gold coins from the boxes. after doing this, Make your way back to the hallway and go to the Throne room.

Boss fight Mack

Hp480WeaknessThunderExp gain24
Fp28Magic attack15Coins20
Attack22Magic defense20Defense20

The recommended level for fighting Mack is level 5. If you lack the levels you can always camp by the middle of the hallway and wait for mobs to spawn from the entrance of the throne room before facing the boss. Mack has 4 bodyguards with him so be ready for a tough fight.

Start the fight by letting Mario focus his attacks on Mack alone. Use Mallow’s thunderbolt to clear the bodyguards as well as damage Mack. This takes about two thunderbolt skills to wipe them out and this skill also has the potential of stunning the boss in the process.

Mack’s basic attack is easy to read. Press A after he moves next to you and hear the attack sound to block some of his damage. His fire skill deals a good amount of damage so use Mallow’s HP rain or a mushroom to raise your life when the attack connects. After two attacks, He will spawn a group of bodyguards to join the fight so let Mario deal damage to the boss and let Mallow take care of the mobs.

When his life gets too low, He will spam his firewall skill on you. This deals about 6 to 7 damage which is a lot weaker than his fireball skill but the firewall does AoE damage so be sure to check your party’s health from time to time.

Mushroom Kingdom Under Attack

After the battle, You get your first Star Piece. Speak with the Chancellor who is hiding by the window to your left to trigger the conversation on where to go next. Mallow suggests that you should visit His grandfather for hints on what to do and you set forth towards Kero Sewers and Tadpole Pond.

If you feel like skipping the first boss(we dont recommend it unless speed running) here is an article

How to Skip First Boss in Super Mario RPG

Before you leave the Kingdom, Don’t forget to head back to the item shop for supplies and to finish Mallows Quest where the item vendor trades a Cricket Pie for Mallows Special Frog Coins. With that done, Head out to the World Map and Kero Sewers.

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