How to get the Muku Cookies in Super Mario RPG

You can purchase Muku Cookies for 69 gold at the item shop in Seaside Town or convert them from Muku Muku monsters in battle using a Yoshi Cookie.

Muku Cookies are items that heal your party for 69 Hitpoints and removes all status effects. This is especially useful when facing enemies with morph effect skills and debuffs.

Before looking for Muku Cookies, there are a few things you should know first.

  • Muku Cookies sold at the item shop in Seaside Town will not be available after you defeat Yaridovich.
  • After defeating Yaridovich, Muku cookies can only be obtained by using a Yoshi Cookie on a Muku Muku monster in Star Hill.

Table of Contents

Where to get Muku Cookie (Before Yaridovich boss fight)

You can only purchase Muku Cookies in the Seaside Town item shop if you haven’t fought Yardovich in battle. He is the one who sells you the cookies while disguised as a trader inside the shop.

Muku cookies cost 69 gold coins and can be purchased here until you finish the sunken ship quest. Once you defeat the Pirate boss in the sunken ship, Yaridovich will confront you back in seaside town and you won’t be able to purchase any more from him after defeating him in the game.

Where to get Muku Cookie (After Yaridovich Boss fight)

To get Muku Cookies after defeating Yaridovich, head over to Star Hill and fight thr Muku Muku monster spawns there.

When the battle starts, use a Yoshi Cookie from your item inventory to convert the Muku Muku into a Muku Cookie. You can read more about Yoshi Cookies in our guide on How to get Yoshi Cookies.

How to use Muku Cookie

Muku Cookies

To use Muku cookies, Start a battle like you normally would. From your action menu, select your inventory and use the Muku Cookie.

A Muku Muku will then spawn from the ground and try to damage you with a bomb but ends up hurting itself in the process. After it leaves, your party heals 69 Hitpoints and cures all status effects that you have in battle.

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