Mario’s Weapon Guide in Super Mario RPG

Mario has a total of 10 weapons equipment in Super Mario RPG. Most of these weapons can be bought at specific weapon shops in the world with the exception of 4 unique weapons which are given to you after defeating a boss (Hammer Bros. Hammer) or looting them from chests in specific locations (Masher, Ultra Hammer and Lazy Shell).

Among the list of playable characters in the game, Mario has the highest number of weapons (10) with Mallow coming in at 2nd with 6 weapons, while Geno, Toadstool and Bowser each have 5 weapons that you can obtain in the game.

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Mario has a total of 4 Hammers that you can get in the game. The 1st hammer (Hammer Bros. Weapon) is given as part of the weapon equipment tutorial while the rest can be found later in the game at Treasure Chests or Weapon & Item Shops.

Hammer (Hammer Bros.)

The Hammer can be obtained after defeating the Hammer Bros. Boss in Mushroom Way.

NameHammer (Hammer Bros)
Weapon TypeHammer
Buying PriceN/A
Selling Price31 gold coins
Stat Increase (Bonus RNG Damage)Attack+10(+/-1)
LocationMushroom Way

For directions and strategies on how to defeat the 1st Boss in Super Mario RPG, Please read our Mushroom Way Walkthrough in Super Mario RPG.

*Please note that the Hammer is a unique item in the game. Once you sell it at any of the shops, This item disappears  permanently in the game.

Super Hammer

The Super Hammer is available for purchase as soon as you unlock Marrymore in the game.

NameSuper Hammer
Weapon TypeHammer
Buying Price70 gold coins
Selling Price35 gold coins
Stat Increase (Bonus RNG Damage)Attack+40(+/-4)
LocationMarrymore Hotel Item Shop


Mario’s Masher is probably one of the best weapons to have before getting the Lazy Shell. With it’s high RNG damage bonus, this weapon is perfect for gamers who can execute timed hits regularly.

Weapon TypeHammer
Buying PriceN/A
Selling Price80 gold coins
Stat Increase (Bonus RNG Damage)Attack+50(+/-30)
LocationBooster Tower

You can find the details on how to get the Masher at Masher Room/Booster Tower Walkthrough in Super Mario RPG.

Lucky Hammer

Although the Lucky Hammer doesn’t grant any Bonus damage effects, This weapon guarantees a “Lucky” status effect obtained in Battle when executing a timed hit against an opponent. This weapon is very useful when farming for gold and experience points in the game.

NameLucky Hammer
Weapon TypeHammer
Buying Price123 gold coins
Selling Price61 gold coins
Stat Increase (Bonus RNG Damage)Attack+0(+/-0)
LocationSeaside Town Weapon Shop

Please read our guide on the Lucky Hammer in Super Mario RPG for directions on how to obtain it in the game.

For a list of all Bonus Battle effects and how to get them, you can find the details in our Lucky Flowers Guide in Super Mario RPG.

*Please note that the Weapon Shop only becomes available after defeating Yaridovich in Seaside Town. Otherwise, The house where the weapon shop is located will have a Toad whole only sells Bombs and Muku Cookies.

Ultra Hammer

The Ultra Hammer is the Strongest Hammer Type weapon Mario gets in the game.

NameUltra Hammer
Weapon TypeHammer
Buying PriceN/A gold coins
Selling Price57 gold coins
Stat Increase (Bonus RNG Damage)Attack+70 (+/-7)
LocationGate and Machine Area

You can find the Ultra Hammer inside a Treasure Chest at The Gate and Machine Area before the Countdown Boss Fight.

Glove Weapons

There are 2 Glove type weapons that Mario can get in the Game. They provide decent damage and is easier to get the timing on timed hits among all the weapons types in the game.

Punch Gloves

The Punch Glove is the 1st Globe Type weapons you can purchase in the game.

NamePunch Glove
Weapon TypeGlove
Buying Price36 gold coins
Selling Price18 gold coins
Stat Increase (Bonus RNG Damage)Attack+30(+/-3)
LocationMoleville Item Shop 

The glove becomes available after getting the 3rd Star Piece inside Moleville Mines and can be purchased at the Moleville Item Shop.

Mega Gloves

Mario’s Mega Glove becomes available as soon as you unlock Nimbus Land in the game.

NameMega Glove
Weapon TypeGlove
Buying Price102 gold coins
Selling Price51 gold coins
Stat Increase (Bonus RNG Damage)Attack+60(+/-6)
LocationNimbus Land Item Shop

You can Purchase this item at Nimbus Land Item Shop.

Shell Weapons

Shell weapons take a bit of time to master timed hits an taking the time to master the timing pays off since Mario’s Ultimate Weapon (Lazy Shell) has the best base stat and bonus damage in the game.

NokNok Shell

The NokNok Shell is given right after you complete the Midas River Course for the 1st time. For details on the Midas River Run mini-game, You can find it at Midas River Walkthrough in Super Mario RPG.

NameNokNok Shell
Weapon TypeShell
Buying Price20 gold coins
Selling Price10 gold coins
Stat Increase (Bonus RNG Damage)Attack+30(+/-3)
LocationMidas River/Seaside Town Weapon Shop

This weapon can also be purchased at the Seaside Town Weapon Shop after defeating Yaridovich.

Troopa Shell

The Troopa Shell is a more powerful version of the NokNok Shell. It is recognizable by the red color of the shell compared to the NokNok Shell which has a green pallette color.

NameTroopa Shell
Weapon TypeShell
Buying Price90 gold coins
Selling Price45 gold coins
Stat Increase (Bonus RNG Damage)Attack+50(+/-5)
LocationSeaside Town Weapon Shop

You can purchase this weapon at the Seaside Town Weapon Shop after defeating Yaridovich.

Lazy Shell

The Lazy Shell is Mario’s Ultimate Weapon. It has the highest Stat and RNG bonus among all Mario’s weapons in the game.

NameLazy Shell
Weapon TypeShell
Buying PriceN/A
Selling Price90 gold coins
Stat Increase (Bonus RNG Damage)Attack+90(+/-40)
LocationRose Town

Getting the Lazy Shell will require you to gather the Seed and Fertilizer items before you can access the Weapon’s location in Rose Town.

Please read our Guide on How to get the Lazy Shell in Super Mario RPG for the locations of both key items and how to use them to unlock the Lazy Shell’s location.

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