Lands End in Super Mario RPG Walkthrough

Land’s End has different terrain areas. It is also home to the Sky Troopas who has their training course at the tallest rock wall which marks the boundary of Lands End. This is also the location of the Sky Bridge where you can play a mini game to earn a few items for your journey. But before we begin exploring the area, Let’s look at the different types of enemies that spawn in Lands end.

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Enemies in the Area

NameHitpointsAttackGold coinsExperienceWeaknessItem drop
Geckit10084018IceAble juice
Kriffid32095635IceBad mushroom
Chewy90110014NoneSleepy bomb
Stinger6578113NoneAble juice
Fink flower20095220FireMid mushroom
Shogun1591001024IcePick me up
Shy away14090301IceHoney syrup
Oxtovader25090830FirePower blast

The recommended level for Land’s End is level 15. Most of the enemies here are weak to Ice attacks which means only Mallow’s Snowy skill will be effective here. However, Since Mallows skill uses too much Fp, We suggest you bring Geno and swap out mallow for this one. Geno Blast works well in dealing moderate damage on mobs and costs less Fp to use. He also packs a decent normal attack compared to Mallow which is pretty useful in clearing enemies if you want to save up on Fp.


Spinthra often attacks with poison skills. This is where the safety badge and safety ring will come in handy. When facing Spinthra in groups of 2 or 3, Have the party finish them off with basic attacks and timed hits. When faced with a full group of 5 enemies however, It’s best you use Geno’s AoE skills or Bowser if you have them in your party.


There are a lot of Geckit in Land’s End especially on the underground areas. They can easily be defeated with Geno Blast or one shot with Mario’s timed hit so use basic attacks when faced with 2 of them in the field and an Sp attack in groups of 5. For some reason these lizards enter the battle confused when fighting them above ground and chances are that they damage their party mates on their attacks turn.


Kriffid has the highest Hitpoints among the mobs in Land’s End. They are also immune to thunder attacks and can soak up physical and elemental damage so defeating them will take some time. If you have Geno in your team, Use a perfect Geno Whirl to deal 9999 damage and kill them off instantly.


Chewy has morph skills that can either put you to sleep or turn you into a scarecrow. Counter this by having a trueform pin equipped or the safety badge so you won’t lose a turn in battle. With 90 Hitpoints, you can easily one shot them with Geno blast or timed hits. They frequently appear in large groups of enemies so it’s best to use Geno blast to clear them out at the start of the turn.

Fink Flower

Fink Flowers have the ability to heal itself and its allies so it’s best to focus on them first in a fight. Despite having around 200 Hitpoints, their defense is pretty weak so having someone with high physical attacks like Mario or Bowser use timed hits on them can sometimes one shot the enemy. They also have the ability to attack twice per turn which is another reason to defeat them first when facing them in battle.


Stinger can be quite troublesome in groups with their poison attacks. Their poison is quite painful as it deals around 10 to 12 Hitpoints per turn. We suggest you use AoE spells when 2 or more of them appear in a fight. Usually it takes 1 Geno blast to wipe them out as soon as your turn comes to avoid over time damage with their poison sting.


The Shogun will be the monster creating whirlpools in the sand to take you to Belome temple. They sometimes accompany Kriffids around Lands end and have good defense against physical attacks. Using Mario and Geno’s timed hits can bring them down easily in 2 to 3 turns so save your ice skills when facing them since they only deal physical attacks that you can easily shrug off with the armor you have equipped.

Shy Away

Shy Away are Shy Guys that fly. They also choose to flee from a fight most of the time so there’s no trouble facing them. When they decide to attack, their damage is pretty low. Defeating them in battle grants you 30 gold coins so if you’ need to farm for gold, look for them and use your strongest attacks before they run away.


Another Monster that you will frequently encounter in Land’s End are Chows. Although they have pretty low Hitpoints,  They could be quite  troublesome in large groups. When facing them, use AoE skills to wipe them out in 1 turn.


Another enemy that is resistant to thunder attacks is the Oxtovader. They deal status effects on their skills and are pretty tough to beat. When facing them in a group of different monsters, target them last since they are pretty tanky or use Geno whirl perfect damage to kill them of in one shot.

Lands End Area 1 (entrance)

Lands End

At the start of Land’s End, jump inside the Cannon to propell you to the cliff up ahead. Once you reach the cliff, take the exit to take you to the next area.

Lands end Area 2

In this area, jump inside the Cannon to take you up the cliff guarded by a group of Chows.

After defeating the enemies in the area, position yourself on the edge of the hole and jump to reveal a hidden platform. Afterwards, go back to the Cannon and propell yourself on to the platform to take you higher up the cliff.

The platform will move to the side of the cliff where you can reach the treasure chest with the frog coin. Quickly hop on to the cliff after getting the frog coin and move to the edge of the cliff and jump to reveal a hidden treasure chest with a Kerokero Cola inside. When you’re done, go to the right side of the map and take the exit to the next area.

Lands end Area 3

The next area is guarded by a band of Geckits who patrol the platforms above. Jump from platform to platform until you reach the exit on the other side. In case you fall off, head towards the Cannon on the lower left side of the area to take you back on top.

Lands end Area 4

The next area branches off in to 2 directions. The top part will bring you to the top of the mountain and the Sky Bridge while the bottom right exit takes you to the bottom part of the mountain and an entrance back to the Pipe Vault. If you want to continue on to Monstro Town, Ignore the lower path and proceed to climb up the cliffs to the exit for the upper part of the mountain.

Lower path

The Lower path leads you all the way underground to a secret path back to Kero Sewers where you can find a Cricket Jam. You will exit via the pipe vault part in the world map and have to make your way back to the entrance of Lands end. After that, You will have to travel back and take the upper path to continue onwards.

To see the directions to the Cricket Jam and how to exchange it to frog coins, Please read our guide on How to get the Cricket Jam in Super Mario RPG.

Upper path

To get to the upper path, jump on top of the rotating red flowers and jump when Mario is facing the cliffs. Do this until you get to the exit at the top of the area.

The Sky Bridge

The Sky Bridge is one of the main attractions at Lands End. A shaman will be guarding the crossing and will ask you if you want to challenge the Sky Bridge course. If you complete the easy course you get 5 gold coins, normal course for 8 gold coins and the expert course gets you 1 frog coin. At the end of each completed course you get the chance to double your earnings by completing the course again in a higher difficulty. If you lose the challenge however, You also lose all your winnings.

The exit to the next area is located at the end of the Sky Bridge behind the Shaman who gives you your prize.

Sand Area 1 (save point)

After exiting the Sky Bridge, the next area will be the Sand Area of Lands End. Don’t forget to save your game before anything else and speak to the Rat beside the Trampoline who gives you directions on how to reach Monstro Town. According to him, You will have to jump in the whirlpools where a Shogun pops up to reach the next areas.

If you enter the wrong whirlpool, You will get transported to a place behind Sand Area 1 which we will call the Sand Area Trap room so be careful when navigating through the whirlpools. After saving your game Head towards the right side exit to take you to Sand Area 2.

Sand Area 2 (Formless/Mokura spawn area)

Sand Area 2 is where the Mokura usually spawns. Mokura is a Mini-Boss in Lands End that travels around in a shape of a green cloud. The battle is optional since they seldom spawn and when you see a green cloud traveling around this area, you can avoid it and continue on.

In case you want to try and fight Mokura, Here are it’s stats and details.

Optional Boss fight Mokura

NameHitpointsAttackGold coinsExperienceWeaknessItem drop
Formless100NoneNoneSp attacksNone
Mokura620120090NoneKerokero Cola

Mokura has 2 forms when you fight him. The first is called formless and is invisible in the battle phase. He attacks with electricity spells but doesn’t do much damage.


To damage him in formless form, deal any Sp attack from any of your party members to make him change form. Once you deal 1 Sp attack damage, He will change into his 2nd form.

Mokura form

Once Mokura changes form, he can be damaged with physical attacks. Timed hits work pretty well against him so have Mario and the rest deal physical attacks and have one of your party members support with healing items when your life gets too low. Once you defeat Mokura in his 2nd form, You are given 90 experience points and a Kerokero Cola.

Sand Area 2 (sand whirlpool area)

Head further in at Sand Area 2 until you come across an open sand ground with 3 whirlpools. Take note where the shogun pops out and jump inside the whirlpool. If you jump in while the shogun is still visible, You will trigger a battle with the Shogun and his party. After defeating them, hop inside the whirlpool where the Shogun spawned to take you to the next area.

Sand Area 3

In sand Area 3, look for the shogun that pops out of one of the 3 whirlpools then get inside to take you to the next area.

Sand Area 4

The next area will have 2 whirlpools and these will be moving fast. Locate the whirlpool where the shogun spawns and quicky hop inside to take you to the next area.

Sand Area 5 (entrance to Sky Troopa Course)

This area is where the entrance to the Sky Troopa Course is located. For now, it’s inaccessible and will only be available once you reach Monstro Town. For now, Focus on the Shogun that spawns from the whirlpool and defeat it before going inside to reach Lands End Underground Area.

The Sky Troopa Course is where you can get the Troopa Pin accessory that boosts your attack damage. To learn more about the item, please read our guide on How to get the Troopa Pin in Super Mario RPG.

Underground Area 1 (Lands End Star Power-Up Exploit)

Before anything else, Don’t forget to save your game in the save block in this area. This area is where you can do the Lands end star Power-Up Exploit where you can farm Experience points easily. While doing this, we also recommend to use the skill swap glitch to let your party members swap skills with each other to mix up your style of play.

To learn more about the Star power up exploit, you can read about it in How to Xp Farm in Super Mario RPG.

To learn how to skill swap effectively, You can find it in our guide on How to skill swap in Super Mario RPG.

We recommend that you farm for experience until level 25 to 30 in this area so you will be able to challenge the secret Boss Culex inside one of the rooms in Monstro Town later.

Underground Area 4 (Entrance to Belome Temple)

After grabbing the star power up in underground area 1, Continue onward until you reach Underground Area 4 where the Shaman sells a Star Power-Up for 400 gold coins.

From here, head towards the top right side of the map and look for the entrance to Belome temple. Once you’re done leveling up, proceed inside to take you to the next area.

Belome Temple Area 1

The next Area is called Belome Temple. In case you forgot, Belome is the yellow Boss monster you faced at the Kero Sewers and you will be facing him again in His temple. For now, head down the steps until you see a shaman standing on top of a trampoline near the exit.

Shortcut to Lands End Sand Area 5

Speaking to the Shaman on top of the tarpoline let’s you get back up to Sand Area 5 of Lands End where the entrance to the Sky Troopa Course is located. For now, Ignore the trampoline and head towards the exit to take you deeper into the temple.

Belome Temple Area 2 (fortune teller room)

A Shaman will be guarding the next area. A treasure chest to your left will have 50 gold coins inside so grab it before talking to the Shaman who tells you the mechanics of the Fortune-teller mini-game that you can play for 50 gold coins.

After taking  50 gold coins as payment, he disappears, allowing you to choose in what order you want to hit the Belome head statues.

Fortune teller mini game

Hit the Belome head Statues in any order to receive your fortune reward. Depending on the order that you jump and hit the statues, you can receive different prizes. This mini game can be done multiple times and the prizes that fortune you receive can be found in the Fortune Room further in.

Below is a list of prizes you can obtain if you hit the statues in these order;

  • Left, Center, Right- Recovery Mushroom or a Yoshi Cookie
  • Left, Right, Center- Yoshi Cookie
  • Center, Left, Right- Chow Mob fight
  • Center, Right, Left- fight either a Shy Away or 3 Chows
  • Right, Left, Center- get either 100 gold coins or 1 frog coin
  • Right- Center, Left- get 100 gold coins

After hitting all 3 Belome Head statues, a red stone pillar will appear for you to jump on to take you to the exit above. A scroll with your fortune will be resting on top of the pillar for you to read before going up towards the exit at the top right of the room.

For this example, We hit the statues Center, left and then right. The fortune scroll gives us hints on what we receive in the fortune room. In this example, we receive a chow mob fight later at the treasure room.

Belome Temple Area 3

Depending on the fortune you get, Mokura should be hovering around this area. Details on Mokura can be found here: Optional Boss fight Mokura.

Head towards the right side of the room and climb down the pipe to take you down to the entrance of the fortune room.

Belome Temple Area 4 (Fortune room)

The fortune room is where you get your reward from the scroll. After getting your reward (in our case, defeating the group of Chows in the area), the gate will open and a trampoline will appear in the room.

If you want to have your fortune read again, Jump on the trampoline to take you back up and go back to the fortune teller room to have your fortune read. After you’re done here, head towards the exit to take you deeper into Belome Temple.

Belome Temple Area 5

Grab the contents of the treasure chest which contains 150 gold coins. Afterwards,head down the steps where the exit is located.

Once you reach the bottom of the stairs, go to the corner of the wall and jump to reveal a hidden treasure chest containing a frog coin. Don’t forget to grab the contents of the treasure chest near the exit for another frog coin. Before leaving the area.

Belome temple Area 6

The next area will be guarded by another shaman with a Belome head statue near him. Jump on the statue to read your fortune.

If you receive the fortune “Sorry, I’m not accepting visitors past my bedtime”, Head back to the exit and come back again to this area to receive a new fortune. Do not jump on top of the platform below with this fortune. Belome will be asleep and you will have to come back another time.

If you receive the fortune “Mmm, I’m so hungry! Wish I had something to eat!”, Head towards the platform for it to take you down to the Boss room below.

Boss Room

The platform drops you to a trampoline where Belome waits for you. Before engaging him, check to see if your Health and Fp are full. We recommend you switch Mallow and Toadstool into your active party to make the fight easier. After you finish your preparations, head close to Belome to start the Boss fight.


NameHitpointsAttackGold coinsExperienceWeaknessItem drop

The recommended level for the boss fight is level 16. Belome is more powerful this time around with more than double his Hitpoints and attack since you first encountered him at the Kero sewers. His Sp attacks have also changed from morphs to sleep spells. What makes him tough is that he can now create copies of your party who will aid him in battle.

Clone skill

After 2 turns, Belome will start cloning your party. He does this by eating a party member and spits them out. Afterwards, a clone of the party member will appear that will deal Sp attack damage on their turn. When he does this, ignore your clones and continue to target Belome until you finish him off. He can clone a maximum of 2 party members to fight in his team.

However, if He clones Toadstool in his team, it’s best you focus your attacks on her since she uses her heal skill on her turn. belome can clone 2 of the same characters as well so having 2 toadstool who heals him twice in a turn will make the fight drag on.

Light Beam, Aurora flash and Lullaby

There are 3 new Sp attacks that Belome uses in this fight. All of these cause  AoE sleep status so it’s best to use accessory items to counter sleep like wake up pin or safety badge. Aurora flash deals damage as well but shouldn’t be too much of a problem with toadstool’s healing.

Boss fight: Belome

Start the battle by having Toadstool and Mario deal timed hits on their turn. As for Mallow, use the Shocker skill to deal damage when his turn comes.

After 2 turns, Belome will start eating your party members and create clones of them.

Belome’s Clone attack

Have Mallow focus on dealing damage to Belome while the others support. If Belome clones Toadstool, Have Mario deal 1 timed hit to finish her off in one shot and target Belome once the clone Toadstool is out of the fight.

Mario clones deal jump sp attacks but the damage will be pretty low. Same goes for Mallow who deals electroshock instead of thunderbolt but is a lot weaker and deals single hit damage instead of the real Mallow who deals AoE attack with thunderbolt. Ignore the clones and have the party continue dishing out physical damage to Belome while Mallow uses Shocker.

Sleep Spells

When Belome gets a full party of clones, he switches to spamming sleep spells on your party while dealing occasional physical attacks damage every few turns. If any of your party gets affected by sleep, Have Toadstool heal them by either using an able juice or using her group hug skill which heals the team while removing all status effects.

Once you defeat Belome, he will run away from the fight. Defeat the remaining clones to end the boss battle and collect your reward of 80 experience points and 20 gold coins.

After the fight, activate the green switch to open the gates to the Monstro Town Entrance.

Entrance to Monstro Town

The rat whom you talked to previously in the sand area of Lands end will be waiting for you here. He tells you that the pipe beside him is the entrance to Monstro Town and promises to meet you there once you get inside. After talking to him, jump up the pipe to take you to Monstro Town.

Continue Walkthrough to Monstro Town in Super Mario RPG(Coming Soon)

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