How to get the Jinx Belt in Super Mario RPG

You can get the Jinx Belt by defeating Jinx 3 times at the Jinx Dojo challenge in Monstro Town. When equipped, The wearer of the Jinx Belt is immune to Mortal Blows and has a 27 point increase in physical attacks as well as increased speed by 12 points.

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How to get to Jinx Dojo

You can visit the Dojo as soon as you unlock Monstro Town in the game. Please read the Monstro Town Walkthrough in Super Mario Rpg for the Jinx Dojo location in the Town area.

Jinx Dojo Challenge

NameHitpointsAttackGold coinsExperienceWeaknessItem drop
Jinx 1st fight60014000NoneNone
Jinx 2nd fight80016000NoneNone
Jinx final fight100018000NoneNone

Jinx’s Dojo challenge is essentially just battles between Your party and Jinx. There are a total of 4 challenges where the first duel will pit you against Jagger, Jinx’s student. You can leave the Dojo after each challenge to either level up or buy items and continue the challenge later.

The 1st and 2nd challenge can be doable at level 19 but challenges 3 and 4 will be almost impossible to beat without the proper equipment, level and strategy. We recommend that you start these challenges once you reach level 25 to 30, Have at least 1 accessory that nullifies mortal blows and have Mario’s Lazy shell weapon with you before taking on challenge 3 and 4.

For the list of accessories and weapon to make the fight easier, you can read about them in the list below.

Challenge 1 Jagger

The 1st fight will be against Jagger, Jinx’s student. He is easy to beat and won’t require too much preparation. Have your heavy hitters be on your active party for this one to make the fights easier.

We recommend that you use Bowser and Mallow for this fight with Mario and Bowser dealing physical damage and Mallow cast Shocker or use HP rain when it’s his turn to act.

After defeating Jagger, Jinx reveals himself and will wait for you to challenge him.

Challenge 2 Jinx (1st fight)

For this fight, We recommend you switch out Mallow for Toadstool in your active party. Depending on your level and physical defense, Jinx could potentially one shot a party member with his Sp attacks.

Start the fight with timed hits to deal the most damage on your 1st turn. After a few turns, Jinx will start dishing out Sp. Attacks.When this happens, have Toadstool switch to support and use Group Hug to keep your party health up.

Valor Up

When Jinx’s health reaches 300, He uses the skill Valor Up that raises his physical and magic defense for the rest of the fight. Continue damaging him with timed hits until you defeat him.

Challenge 3 Jinx 2nd fight

You need to be at least level 25 to 30 before facing Jinx for the 2nd time. His attacks are a lot stronger this time around and he uses a mortal blow skill called silver bullet that instantly kills an enemy. You will need at least 1 item that grants immunity to mortal blows.

To learn more about Mortal blows and how to counter it effectively, please read our guide on Mortal Blows in Super Mario RPG.

Have Toadstool equip the safety ring or Ghost medal for her to be immune to Mortal blows. Having her in the party for support will be important if you want to win this fight as well as the final fight against Jinx at challenge 4.

Having at least 1 of these accessories equipped by your active party is important or else you might find Jinx almost impossible to beat.

At the start of the fight, Jinx will be attacking first and depending on your party’s speed attribute, he might be able to attack twice before your turn comes. Press the a button right before any of his attacks hit to execute perfect defense to lessen the damage he inflicts. At the end of each turn, have Toadstool use AoE healing spells or items and keep the party Hitpoints up to avoid getting wiped out.

Silver Bullet

When Jinx has around 400 Hitpoints remaining, He will start using his Mortal Blow skill, Silver Bullet to one shot your party. Although this won’t damage party members with mortal blow immunity accessories, some of your party members will fall when they get hit by this or at the very least end up with 1 Hitpoint if you manage to do Perfect defense and block the skills.

Use revive items or Toadstool’s “Come Back” skill to instantly revive a downed party member before continuing the fight. It’s important that you have all your members at full health at the start of each turn so you won’t get wiped out. After a few more attacks, Jinx concedes defeat and you win the match.

Challenge 4 Jinx Final Battle

We recommend you have Bowser and Mario equip their highest damage dealing weapons for this fight as well as have the Troopa pin equipped to Mario. This accessory boosts your attack damage and defense in the fight which will be important to end the fight quickly since Jinx will be starting the fight in full power for this duel.

Bombs Away

Jinx introduces a new Sp attack on his final battle called “Bombs away”. This attack deals insane amounts of single physical damage that can one shot you if your defense isn’t hight enough. Since this isn’t a Mortal Blow skill, it will also deal damage to party members that has equipped either a ghost medal or safety ring.

If one of your party members gets downed, always revive them when your turn comes. Jinx will be spamming all his skills in this fight and having all 3 members alive to receive them increases your chances of surviving the fight since all his attacks deal single point damage and not AoE.

Like previous fights, have your party deal timed hits whenever they can and have Toadstool heal the party each turn. Continue to damage him until you defeat him.

Valor and Vigour Up

At 600 Hitpoints Jinx activates Valour Up which increases his physical and magic defense. At 300 Hitpoints he activates Vigour Up which greatly boosts his physical damage. When this happens, have Toadstool defend on her turn if you don’t need to heal the party to full health. Usually, Jinx focuses his attacks on Mario when Vigour up is activated but he just might switch and attack other party members from time to time so it’s best to be prepared.

Jinx Belt

After the fight, Jinx will present you with the Jinx Belt. He also steps down as Dojo Master making you the new Sensei of the Dojo.

How to use the Jinx Belt

To use the belt, open your inventory and slot the Jinx belt into your accessory slot. When equipped, it gives you a 12 point boost to your speed attribute as well as 27 points to your attack and defense. This accessory item also guards against mortal blows and can be sold for 800 gold coins in shops.

Since this is a unique item however, You won’t be able to get it back once you sell it in the game.

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