Where to find Booster and Valentina’s Hidden  Wedding Proposal Scene in Super Mario RPG

If you go back to Booster Tower after defeating Valentina and Dodo in Nimbus Land, You will be able to unlock Booster’s wedding proposal Scene.

This is one of the many secrets in Super Mario RPG that very few players know about. Once you finish the game, one of the cutscenes show Booster and Valentina at Marrymore Church about to exchange wedding vows which will come as a surprise if you missed Booster’s wedding proposal on top of Booster Tower.

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How to unlock the Hidden Proposal Scene

After defeating Valentina and Dodo in Nimbus Land, Valentina makes her escape by clinging to Dodo and they fly away. The hidden scene becomes accessible once you finish the cutscene with Mallow’s parents and unlocking the Barrel Volcano entrance from the Royal Hot Springs.

Before exploring the newly opened area, Head out to the world map and navigate towards Booster Tower and enter the area. From here, climb up to the top of the tower to where you play the curtain mini-game which is also the room where you can fight Booster as an optional boss fight.

For directions on how where to find the room in the Tower, You can find it at Area 18/ Booster Tower Walkthrough for Super Mario RPG.

Wedding Proposal Scene

Once you reach the last room at the top of the tower (Area 18) head towards the balcony entrance located at the left exit of the room to trigger the cutscene. From the Peephole you can see Valentina, Booster and the Snifits by the balcony and Valentina asks why she should marry Booster.

Booster whispers something in her ear that convinces her to say yes (Presumably) and the scene ends.

Booster and Valentina’s wedding scene (ending cutscene)

Watching the hidden scene gives context to the ending cutscene where Booster and Valentina end up in a wedding ceremony although Booster seems to have gotten cold feet and runs away with Valentina giving chase before they get to exchange vows. To this day, many players speculate as to what Booster whispered in her ear to convince her to marry him and why he suddenly backs out at the church.

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