How to open Grate Guy’s Casino in Super Mario RPG

You can open the Grate Guy’s Casino by unlocking the area in your world map via a hidden platform in Bean Valley and showing the bodyguards the Bright card that you can get from Knife Guy in Booster Tower.

The location of the Casino can be unlocked as soon as you enter Bean Valley while the Bright card will only be available after you defeat Booster in Marrymore.


Where to get Bright Card

Before unlocking the Casino area, Head towards Booster tower for the Bright Card. Make your way towards the hallway near the top of the tower right before the boss battle. Knife guy will be standing on the corner and talking to him will unlock a mini-game.

Guess the hand mini-game

Knife Guy Juggles a bunch of red balls together with a yellow ball. To win the game, you have to guess where the yellow ball Lands from both hands. Move Mario and touch knife guy’s left hand or right hand after he finishes juggling and if you answer correctly, he gives you a reward of an assortment of mushrooms.

Win the guessing game 12 times in a row to get the Bright card from Knife Guy. As for the mushrooms you get as a reward, it is best you throw them since they give less health points than your standard mushroom and is just a waste of space.

With the Bright Card in your inventory, head back to the world map and make your way towards Bean Valley.

Where to unlock hidden platform to Casino

Head over to Bean Valley to unlock the hidden platform to Grate Guy’s Casino. From the Valley entrance, navigate your way towards the  save point area with a set of pipes being protected by a shy guy and a party of Chewy.

Bean Valley 1st save area (pipe section)

Wait for the flying shy guy to water the chewy plant on the top most pipe near the save block. After defeating Chewy, head inside the pipe to take you underground.

Underground area and hidden platform

Once inside, head to the upper left corner and jump 3 times at the edge to reveal the hidden platform. Everytime you jump and the right spot a different sound will play until the hidden platform appears. Hop on it to take you up and head towards the exit.

Grate Guy’s Casino Entrance

Grate Guy's Casino

Exit the pipe to take you to a small area with a house in the middle. Going inside the house will let you find out that this place is the Grate Guy’s Casino.

Grate Guy’s Casino Mini Games

Show the Bright Card to the bodyguards outside. Afterwards, The Casino will be unlocked in your game. There are 3 games you can play in the Casino where 2 of them gets you a Frog Coin every time you win.

Slots Mini Game

The Slots mini-game is similar to the treasure slot boxes in the world with the exception that it doesn’t run out after you use them provided you have the gold coins to use them.

The objective is to jump and stop the 3 rotating symbols and match them to win a frog coin. This costs 10 gold coins per game and is a good way to earn frog coins if you can hit the jackpot frequently.

Blackjack Mini-Game

The Blackjack mini game costs 1 frog coin to play. If you win, you get 1 frog coin while if you manage to tie or lose, you won’t receive any prize. The objective here is to get 21 or close to it than the dealer. You are given 2 cards to start with the option to draw more cards or play your hand.

If your points reach more than 21, you automatically lose the game. Although riskier than slots because of the 1 frog coin cost per game, it is also a good place to farm for frog coins if you can play blackjack very well.

Look the Other Way mini-game

Grate Guy’s mini game will be unlocked after playing a few games of blackjack or slots. To activate it, speak with Grate guy until he tells you that business is slow. He will then ask you to play a game with him where you guess which direction he points while you look the other way.


The game doesn’t cost anything and is the only place to farm for Red Essence. Take note that they are extremely rare and we only managed to grab 2 on our 100 wins in the game. Aside from Red Essence, you also can get Royal Jelly and KeroKero Cola together with an assortment of mushrooms which you should dispose off since they heal less than the standard mushrooms in the game.

To learn more about Red Essence and how to use them, please read our guide on How to get Red Essence in Super Mario Rpg


Aside from farming for Red Essence in the mini game, you can also get the Star Egg item by winning 100 times on Look the other way. The Star Egg is an Attack item that deals AoE damage to enemies when used in battle.

To learn more about the secret items, please read our guide on How to get Star Egg in Super Mario Rpg.

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