How to Get Fat Yoshi in Super Mario RPG

You can find and fatten up a Baby Yoshi in Yo’ster Isle by feeding him cookies that you can win in the Mushroom Derby.

Let’s head over to Yo’ster Isle.

When you get here, just head to the single path to reach the main area of the island.

You can’t speak to the other Yoshis, so head towards the green Yoshi on the south part of the map.

Talk to him, and he’ll let you ride him around. Once you’re on his back, you can now speak to the other Yoshis.

How to beat Boshi for Yoshi Cookies

Talk to the pink Yoshi in the top part of the area. Let her know that you’re challenging Boshi to a race so you can get the Mushroom Derby started.

The trick to beating Boshi is eating three cookies first, and then pressing the A and B buttons in tune with the symbol notes of the background music.

There will be a point where the symbol notes will stop, but keep the same pace that you have from the very beginning, and you should beat Boshi easily.

You’ll get three cookies when you win the race.

After he gets beaten you can continue to win races against other Yoshis, or just bet on the races to earn cookies.

This is what Yoshi will say if ever you have a full inventory.

If you’re happy with the amount of cookies that you have, go the top part of the map where a nest of eggs are located.

Fat Yoshi

You’ll notice a cute little baby Yoshi. Go ahead and feed him cookies.

You know the baby Yoshi has had too much cookies when he can no longer fit in the nest

Depending on the amount the you feed him, he can give you different items such as Yoshi-Ade, Frog Coins, Energizers, and sometimes, Red Essences.

You can see the number of cookies you’re feeding him in the upper left corner of the screen

Unfortunately, since the items are randomized, the best thing you can do is just continue feeding him to score the free items.

But if you don’t want to fatten up Yoshi with the cookies, you can use the Yoshi Cookie as an item during battle as well.

Using Yoshi Cookies During Battle

You can use a Yoshi Cookie on an enemy to make Yoshi appear, eat an enemy, then turn the enemy into a random item.

The items that you’ll get depend on the enemy you’ll use it on. You’ll usually get Yoshi Candy, Able Juice, Energizer, Bracer, Pick Me Up, Froggie Drink, Elixir, and Fire Bomb, among other items.


This item acts as an Energizer and Bracer at the same time. It gives your character a significant boost in offense and defense during battle.

You can’t buy this anywhere, and can only be received from Fat Yoshi.

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