Where to Exp Farm in Super Mario Rpg

The best Exp Farm places to grind for Experience in SMRPG are in three locations. These are the Sunken Ship in the Sea Area, the Volcano Cavern in Land’s End, and Bowser’s Keep.

Things to do before Grinding Exp.

Before starting to grind for Experience, it’s best that you use the Exp. booster in your accessory to maximize the experience gained in these areas to shorten your grind time since XP farming will take a long time to do.

Yoshi’s Double Experience Chance

Sometimes when you clear a fight, a notification to double your experience gain will be given to you. This is useful when clearing high experience-giving battles but the downside of this is you gamble the experience points you gained for it.

Losing the challenge will forfeit the experience you gained for the battle.

When the prompt appears, select “I’ll do it” from the selection screen. Yoshi will then hide in one of the three eggs and start shuffling. If you manage to pick Yoshi among the three eggs, you gain double experience from the fight.

The other two eggs will contain different characters and depending on who you pick will determine what effect you get from the mini-game.

Picking the bird lets you retain your accumulated experience from the fight, and the black monster will let you lose all the experience you gained from the battle.

It’s best to use this system if you are good at this type of mini-game. Otherwise, You should avoid this altogether.

With the tips out of the way, let’s get to the potential farming spots.

Sunken Ship Farming Area

Once you’re set, Head over to the first area which can be accessed early which is the Sunken Ship area at the Sea. This is recommended for low-level players from levels 8 to 17.

In this area, It would be best to use Mallow in your party since his lighting-based attacks are deadly to the mobs in this area.

Clear every monster you encounter. Go for the Greapers guarding the puzzle rooms in particular since they’ve got the best Xp drop in the area when encountering them with a full party of 3.

The best place to grind in this area will be the room with the skeleton turtle at the far end of the puzzle area. After defeating the turtle it will respawn again after a few moments for you to grind xp on.

Once you run out of supplies, There is a shaman merchant in the room. Just head to him to restock and go back to the turtle and kill it. Do this until you reach levels 15 to 17.

You could go all the way up to level 30 in this area but this will take more time since the xp drops get more low as you level up.

One thing to remember is that when battling undead monsters, switch to fire-based attacks instead of lightning. They are more effective for these types of enemies.

Land’s End Star Powerup Trick

The Volcano cavern is a bit tricky to navigate on your first time entering it. You will have to navigate the area on your way to Monstro Town. Start by entering Land’s End and make your way to the Sky Bridge.

After you cross the Sky Bridge at Land’s end, Head  towards the save point area. After talking to the mouse, Go to the right and look for the entrance to the next area on the far right end of the screen.

Navigate your way and avoid the quicksand in this area and proceed to the entrance at the far end.

Here, Look for the three quicksand/whirlpools. They move around the area so go to it and get yourself inside to move to another level.

Keep going into the whirlpool until you get to the one that runs away from you pretty fast. If you find it, you know you’re on the right track.

Star Power Up Xp Loop

The whirlpool will then transport you underground to the save point room. This is where the EXP grind loop begins.

Star Powerup Exp. Trick Instructions and Preparations

First, You should save your game at the save point here. The trick involves you getting a star Power-Up and bumping all enemies here, as well as the other two areas ahead.

After clearing the mobs in the three rooms, You will have to purchase a star Power-Up from the merchant hiding behind the boxes. For this, You have to prepare 400 gold coins.

Once you get the Power-Up, Clear the mobs in the room but leave one alive. You will have to get yourself killed on the last monster to respawn to your save at the start of the Exp. Loop.

Let’s start by removing all items from your first three characters in the party. You could leave the Exp. Booster on for Mario for the added Xp gain.

We have to make the party squishy to save time on getting the whole party wiped out at the end of the Exp. Grinding process.

When you are done with the preparations, Let us start grinding those Exp.

Slowly make your way down on the box. Be careful not to engage any mobs in the area before getting the Star Power-Up.

Once you hear the catchy power-up song playing, quickly barrel your way through the mobs in the area. Just follow the signs to the exit to take you to the next room.

They are all located at the edge of the right side of the screen so you can’t miss them.

If you are fast enough, You should be able to clear all the mobs in the three rooms. The last room will have a big hole and a sign pointing downward. Jump down the hole to get to the second part of the trick.

Exp Farm

Once you drop down, Look for the hidden merchant behind the stacked boxes to the upper left of your screen. He will sell you a power-up item for 400 gold.

Once you get the power up, Clear the mobs in the room but be sure to leave one alive for you to return to the save point.

Once the powerup ends, battle the final monster and use defense until he wipes you out. You could also use the run away command but chances are you could run away successfully and have to battle again.

When you get wiped out, You will respawn at the savepoint.You will still retain all the experiences you gained and your starting money. All you need to do now is complete the loop again until you max out to level 30.

This is the best spot to farm Experience points for your team. Even at higher levels, The number of enemies you get to kill just by touching them can guarantee a level-up every run or two.

Bowser’s Keep/ Smithy’s Factory

The final place to level up the party is at Bowser’s Keep or Smithy’s Factory. The mobs here are tough to beat but if you’ve got enough items to sustain you, this is the perfect spot to grind.

Camp at Savepoints

The technique here is to find yourself a suitable save point. Any save point at the keep or factory will do since the mobs in the surrounding area provide good experience and loot.

You should stock up on healing items and flower points for grinding. You will almost always have to use special attacks here.

Focus more on Mario’s Super Jump and chain it if you are able. Prioritize single damage-dealing super attacks for the whole party to make battles end faster.

Once you clear the area of mobs, head back to your save point and save your game. Restart the game and enter your save point for the mobs to respawn then clear the mobs again until you Max Out your level.

The Mobs here often drop bombs and other damage-dealing items which can be useful against the final boss.

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