Where to find the Exp. Booster in Super Mario RPG

The Exp. Booster is an Accessory Item that can be exchanged for 22 Frog Coins from Sagacius’s Student in Seaside Town. When Equipped, this accessory item grants double the experience points for the wearer which is a good item to have especially when Xp Farming to boost your levels for the end game.

Here is a link on where to EXP Farm


  • You must speak with the Sagacius Sage who unlocks Frog Coin shops in the game.

Where to find Exp. Booster

There is only one place for us to get the Exp. Booster Accessory and that’s by trading it for Frog Coins from the Sagacius Student in Seaside Town.

From the entrance at Seaside Town, make your way past the Anchor in the ground, Climb up the two stairs and reach the Elder’s Residence at the upper left building on the map.

Once inside, make your way past the elder in the middle of the room and go up to the second floor by taking the stairs

Exp. Booster

Speak with  Sagacius’s Student at the second floor.

After a brief introduction, He will show you the items He has for trade. Among them will be the Exp. Booster which you can get for 22 Frog Coins.

How to get Inifinite frog Coins

The maximum number of Exp. Boosters you can have in the game is only one. Something to keep in mind if you are planning to equip all your characters in the game.

If you don’t have the required number of coins to exchange it for the item, You could always come back once you have accumulated enough for the trade.

The shop stays  available  until you start the Return to Bowser’s Keep stage area which is the final level where the world map will be unavailable for you move around from.

How to Use the Exp. Booster

The Exp. Booster can be equipped by any character in your party. Do this by opening the equipment tab and move  the Exp. Booster to the accessory slot of the character you want to boost.

You don’t need to have the character into your active party for the added experience boost to take effect. Since everyone in your party gets experience in every battle, The equipped character will get double the experience even when set as backup.

The number of experience you gain from the Exp. Booster will not be displayed at the end of the battle. The experience gain notification will always calculate how much experience each party member receives after each fight.

For example, after a battle,  All team members each get 10 base experience points except for the member who has the Exp. Booster slotted.

They get 20 experience points due to the Exp. Booster effect which doubles the points the wearer gains per battle.

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