How to get Bowser’s Ultimate Weapon (Drill Claw) in Super Mario RPG

You cand get Bowser’s Ultimate Weapon (Drill Claw) by completing the 2nd Battle Course on the 6-Door Challenge in Bowser’s Keep.

When equipped, the Drill Claw grants an extra 40 points of physical damage plus additional damage up to 7 points randomly each time the attack hits.

Table of Contents

Where to get the Drill Claw

To get to the Battle Course and the 6-Door Challenge, Please read our guide on Battle Courses for the 6-Door Challenge in Bowser’s Keep.

*Please note that accessing the Battle Course Challenge is randomly generated so you might have to clear other Challenges as well as Battle Course 1 before you can access the 2nd Battle Course with the Drill Claw prize in Bowser’s Keep.

How to use the Drill Claw

To use Bowser’s Ultimate Weapon, access your inventory and select the equip tab. From here, Select the Drill Claw and slot it into Bowser’s weapon slot.

Drill Claw animation

Bowser’s Drill Claw animation is similar to his basic punch attack. The only difference is, the follow through animation on timed hits sets his claws spinning instead of the normal jab animation. To execute timed hits with the weapon, tap the A button as soon as he finishes his slash attack. When timed right, he goes to a spinning claw attack signaling that the timed hit is a success.

With Bowser’s high physical base damage, the Drill Claw makes him the 2nd highest physical damage dealer in the game only 2nd to Mario’s Lazy Shell attack.

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