How to Get Cricket Jam – Super Mario RPG

You can get the Cricket Jam (not to be confused with the Cricket Pie[1] ) by going through Land’s End and entering a special cave that will lead you to Kero Sewers. It’s an optional item that you can hand over to Frogfucius for 10 frog coins.

Here’s how to get it:

Head to Land’s End.

Jump into the cannon, and time it so you can land on top of the rocks. As for timing, it’s always best to long press that up button to make sure you maximize your launch. 

Head to the next area.

Jump into another cannon. If your timing is right, you’ll land in a hole and immediately get surrounded by Chows. Beat at least one of them (or run away from them) so you can go on your merry way. 

Head, yet again, to the next area…

Go along this rock bridge. You’d probably need to fight a lot of Geckits before you can make it to the other side.

Head to the next area. Again.

Use the three rotating flowers to climb the cliffs until you reach the very top. 

When you get to the Sky Bridge, don’t go up. Just head to the land mound on the left side, where you’ll see a hole.

Once inside, just follow the path and gain some sweet XP by beating the Geckits along the way.

Continue following the path until you see a path on the right.

There is only one way in this area, and you know you’ve made it when you see the trampoline. Jump on it.

When you emerge into the Kero Sewers from the trampoline/pipe, DON’T JUMP DOWN!

You’ll be on a higher ledge that will give you access to the chest with the Cricket Jam inside it.

Congratulations. You can head back to Tadpole Pond and cash in the Cricket Jam for 10 Frog Coins!

Cricket Jam

Map overview:

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