Booster Pass in Super Mario Walkthrough

You travel to Booster Pass on your way to Booster’s Tower. The path is pretty straightforward for now but you will unlock a hidden area here much later in the game. You should try to farm for experience for Geno here until he reaches level 9 and Mallow to level 10.

Table of Contents

Enemies in the Area

NameHitpointsAttackWeaknessExperienceGold coinsItem drop
Carroboscis9055Fire/jump104Maple syrup
Artichoker20050Fire/jump1210Fear bomb
Lakitu12445None103Mid-mushroom/maple syrup


The Spikester is a stronger version of Spikey. Use timed hits to deal with them when using Mario or Geno. As for Mallow, use the thunderbolt skill when facing 2 or more of them in a party.


Carroboscis don’t pose much of a threat alone. But when teamed up with other monsters, They could pose a problem specially with their S’crow morph skill which changes you into a scarecrow for 2 to 3 turns. Although weak against Mario’s special skills, it’s best do deal timed hits on them to save your Fp.


Aside from having the highest Hitpoints among all the mobs spawned here, Artichoker can heal itself for 60 to 70 Hitpoints which makes him a tanky opponent. When facing him in a party of monsters, Kill his companions first before focusing your attacks on him. Thunder skills do not deal damage to him so focus on dealing timed hits or Mario’s fire or jump skills to defeat him.


Engage the floating Lakitu only if he doesn’t spawn any more  Spikesters in the area. Booster Pass is a good place to do low level farming because of the number of spawns Lakitu creates in an area. When fighting him, Avoid using thunder skills because it does not deal any damage. Focus on basic attacks and timed hits to defeat Lakitu’s party.

Booster Pass Area 1 (rock candy location)

Booster Pass

Head to the middle of the map area and wait for Lakitu to drop Spikesters for you to farm for experience. Once Lakitu stops spawning mobs, jump up the cliff and jump towards him to fight.

Make your way towards the upper left edge and jump on top of the plant to get the hidden chest containing a flower.

Next, head towards the exit and grab the hidden chest containing a Rock Candy before proceeding to the next area.

Rock candies are rare damage items that can damage multiple enemies in a battle. You should hold on to it for tough boss battles later on. Please read our guide on Where to get Rock Candy in Super Mario Rpg.

Booster Pass Area 2 (hidden switch)

Once you get to area 2, Ignore the Spikesters on top of the mountain. Make your way to the lower right side of the screen while carefully navigating through the plants. Some of the plants here are camouflaged Artichokers.

After you get the flower at the right edge of the map, make your way towards the base of the mountain with a small depression. Jump inside to activate the switch to convert the monsters above into gold coins. After the cutscene finishes, make your way on top and exit the area to take you to Booster Tower.

Continue walkthrough to Booster Tower

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