How to get Bonus Flower in Super Mario RPG

Bonus Flower

The Bonus Flower is a random drop that you get right after defeating a monster while fighting them in a party. These flowers grant you 1 of 5 different effects depending on the type of flower you receive after killing an enemy. The different stat effects are HP Max, Defense Up, Attack Up, Once Again and Lucky.

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Where to get Bonus Flower

Start a battle as you normally would. Bonus flowers appear randomly right after defeating an enemy in the battle phase of the game. It doesn’t matter how the enemies are killed whether by basic attacks, skills, damage items or spells. The bonus effect only affects the Character who kills the enemy and not the whole party. Bonus flowers can also appear in Boss fights where there are other enemies to kill beside the boss.

One thing you should note about Bonus Flowers is that they have the chance to appear right after killing an enemy so you could get two or three bonus flowers in a party of multiple enemies if you kill them and if you’re lucky enough. Most of the time however, you can go through a number of mob fights without them appearing even once.

Types of Bonus Flowers

There are 5 types of Bonus Flowers in the game that grants you 5 different effects. The HP Max flower completely restores your Hitpoints when activated.

Defense Up Flower

The Defense Up Flower grants you an additional 50% defense for the character that is in effect for the whole battle. This affects both physical and magical defense.

Once Again flower

This is actually one of our favourites. This effect lets you attack again which is useful for clearing out tough opponents.

Attack Up Flower

The attack up flower gives you an additional 50% attack power that is in effect for the remainder of the battle. This is useful with Mario and Bowser which boasts two of the highest base attack power in the game. The effect also stacks with any attack boost items you have equipped like the Troopa Pin.

Lucky Flower

The Lucky flower gives you 2 effects. The 1st one is right after you defeat an enemy in battle. You increase your chances of doing a timed defense when counter blocking an opponent’s attack which remains active until the end of the battle.

Lucky flower bonus effect

The 2nd effect happens at the end of the battle. You get a chance to do the Yoshi mini-game that can double your experience or gold points for the battle. To learn more about the Yoshi mini-game mechanics, please check our article on Yoshi’s Double experience Chance.

One thing to note is that you also get the same Lucky flower effects when using the Lucky Jewel in battle which is an item that gives you the Lucky status when using it anytime in a fight.

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