How to get the Gameboy (Beetlemania) in Super Mario RPG

You can get the Game Boy together with the Beetlemania mini-game from the Beetlemania Toad at the inn in Mushroom Kingdom.

This is one of many hidden content found in Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars and is usually overlooked by casual and hard core gamers of the game.

Before we start looking for the Beetlemania Toad, there are a few prerequisites before this becomes available in the game.

For those of you who have not yet finished the Marrymore Cathedral, please read our Marrymore Walkthrough in Super Mario RPG. The Game Boy becomes obtainable right after Toadstool joins your party again in Mushroom Kingdom.

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Where to get the Gameboy (Beetlemania)

Head towards Mushroom Kingdom and enter the Inn. The Beetlemania Toad will be inside playing with the Game Boy.

Once inside, go behind the counter and make your way to the far right side of the room where the Beetlemania Toad will be playing. When you first interact with him, He will tell you to wait after he finishes his game. You need to talk to him a number of times for the game to be finished.

After speaking with him for about 4 times, he sells you the game boy for 500 gold coins. He will then ask you if you need instructions and we suggest you answer “yes” since the tutorial cutscene from your inventory has a funny animation.

How to play the Beetlemania mini-game

To play the mini-game, bring up your menu by tapping the X button. You will have an additional “game” tab from your menu list and you can access the game by selecting it from here. The image above shows the tutorial animation and the gameplay.

You can move the beetle from left to right of the screen by using the directional pad on your controller. Tapping the A, B or Y button will make the beetle shoot and the objective of the game is to shoot as much Koopa shells as you can before getting hit.

*One thing to note about the Beetlemania mini-game is that it does not offer any reward in-game when you pass a high score. Getting a high score gives you more chances to revive in the mini-game after getting hit.

How to Change Beetlemania Screen

Another secret that you can do is change the Beetlemania screen. The screen display is based on what character is slotted in the middle party slot. To do this, Use the switch command and swap any characters into the middle slot to change the display screen.

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