How to Access Beetle Mania – Super Mario RPG

You can get Beetle Mania, a secret mini-game for 500 coins in Mushroom Kingdom from a purple toad inside the Inn.

Head over to the Mushroom Kingdom, then make your way towards the inn.

Map overview:

Then talk to the purple toad standing in the corner. He’ll be a bit busy.

Talk to him enough times, and he’ll offer to sell it to you for 500 coins.

He’ll give you a quick tutorial on how to access the game and how to play it.

You simply have to hit the shells on the screen, and avoid getting hit by them. You’ll also get a new category for “Game” when you check your menu.

There are two backgrounds that you can play on, depending on who is in the middle of your party.

To access the Yoshi’s Island background, Geno needs to be in the middle.

Beetle Mania

To access the Super Mario World background, Mallow needs to be in the middle.

There is virtually no limit to the hi-score for this. Some players have said that they got 5 million points, while others said that they peaked at 9,999,999.

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