How to Get the Silph Scope and Clear the Rocket Game Corner in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

You can get the Silph Scope by beating Team Rocket’s Boss Giovanni in Celadon City’s Game Corner. Navigate through Team Rocket’s hideout in the Rocket Game Corner and clear the grunts in the building to reach Giovanni. Use the Silph Scope to progress the story in Lavender Town’s Pokémon Tower.

Getting to Celadon City

After progressing the story and getting into Lavender Town, make your way to Celadon City.

You will see some Team Rocket grunts when you get into town. A scientist near the Game Corner will mention that he is looking for the grunt that stole the Silph Scope.

Head to the city’s Game Corner. It’s the building just a few ways down Celadon City’s Pokécenter.

Inside Rocket Game Corner

Once inside the Game Corner, head to the back of the room to find a Team Rocket grunt standing in front of a poster. Talk to him and he will engage you in battle. Beat him and he will leave his post.

Investigate the poster he was guarding to reveal a switch behind it. A hidden staircase will appear to your right. Go down into it to find yourself in Team Rocket’s hideout.

The hideout is composed of four basement floors. You need a Lift Key to use the elevator to gain access to where Team Rocket’s Boss, Giovanni, is located.

To get the Lift Key, go down the first set of stairs after arriving at the hideout to reach B2F.

From this area, continue to your left and fight the Rocket grunt along the way. Behind him are some tiles that move in the direction of the arrows they are pointing at. You will need to navigate through them later on.

For now, go down another flight of stairs to reach Rocket Hideout’s B3F.

Go down the path until you see the set of directional tiles in this area. Follow the directions indicated on the map to navigate your way through.

Take the topmost tile until you come in face-to-face with a Rocket grunt. Beat him and make your way through.

Follow the path out of the maze room to find a set of stairs of going down. Climb down to it to reach B4F.

From the stairs go up and hug the wall until you get into another room to find a Team Rocket grunt standing by a wall with a phone. Talk to him and he talks about the Lift Key.

Beat him in battle until he drops the Lift Key for you to pick up.

With the Lift Key in your possession, backtrack to B2F by following the map below. Follow the directional tiles to exit the room maze.

From the stairs of B2F, head to the maze and take the lower directional tile moving to the left. It will bring you to the other side of the room.

Go downwards and take the first tile going to your left, following the tiles ahead of it until you arrive and stop at two more yellow tiles making your way down.

Continue with the directional tile left and down to get into another yellowed tile. Head down and use the topmost tile until you are transported out of the maze.

For easier reference, here is the map’s entirety on how to navigate through the directional tiles maze.

Head to your right once you get out of the maze to find the elevator now accessible with the Lift Key.

Battling Giovanni

Go on up after exiting the elevator to B4F. You will see two Rocket Grunts guarding the door that leads to their boss, Giovanni

Make quick work of them in battle. Once you’ve defeated them, the door will open and you can head on inside to face Giovanni.

Talk to Giovanni and he introduces Team Rocket’s mission before engaging you in battle. His Pokémon are mostly Rock and Ground types, so Grass and Water Pokémon are highly effective against him. His party’s level will be around Level 24 to 29, so make sure you have trained enough to face him.

Once Team Rocket’s Leader is defeated, he will leave behind the Silph Scope.

silph scope

Using the Silph Scope

The Silph Scope is a machine invented by Silph Co. that enables invisible Pokémon to be seen.

There is only one use for Silph Scope in the game and that is to see the invisible ghost in Lavender Town’s Pokémon Tower.

When you reach the stairs leading to the topmost floor, you will encounter the rumored ghost of Pokémon Tower, and the Silph Scope will reveal that it is a Marowak.

Beat Marowak as she cannot be captured. This calms her restless spirit, and you can now continue on up the Tower to rescue Mr. Fuji from the rest of Team Rocket.

It is not yet the end for Team Rocket though, as the quest for them continues until you reach Saffron City and clear Silph Co. building as well. Getting the Silph Scope and clearing the Rocket Game Corner is essential to progress the storyline and to finally put Team Rocket in their place.

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