Seaside Town in Super Mario RPG Walkthrough

On your first visit to Seaside Town, You will notice something is off with the residents. They appear discolored and act as if they are afraid of something.

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You will have to talk to the village elder to unlock the “Sea” area on your world map. This is also the 1st area you have to explore while looking for the 5th Star piece.

Talk to the residents inside their homes to collect hints on how to use the whirlpools as well as find out more about the next Boss called Jonathan Jones who is holed up inside the Sunken Ship beneath the sea.

Seaside Town map overview

Seaside Town

From the entrance, go and talk to the residents inside the houses in the area. While talking to them you will find out about the Pirate Jonathan Jones and his lair under the sea inside the Sunken ship. They will ask you to speak with the Elder whose house is located at the top left part of the map.

Elder’s House

While speaking with the elder, He tells you that a Star has fallen into the ocean and that he needs you to find it for him. After the conversation, the “Sea” area will be unlocked for you to explore at the world map.

Frogfucius’s student (elder’s House 2nd floor)

If you have the frog coins to spare, you should go up the 2nd floor of the elder’s home and speak with Frogfucius’s student. His shop sells a number of accessories that can be purchased with frog coins.

Frogfucius’s student sells a number of unique items in his shop. One of these is the Exp Booster item which is essential for gaining levels fast. Please read our guide on Where to get Exp. Booster and How to Xp farm in Super Mario Rpg for a more detailed explanation.

Special Merchant

The next place you can go purchase some supplies is at the item shop. For now, The shop is unavailable and a special merchant will be available instead. Here, you can purchase attack items as well as Muku cookies. They won’t be available once you get the 5th star piece at the sunken ship so it’s best to stock up if you have the space and gold coins for it.

Muku cookies are rare healing items that also remove status ailments when used in battle. To learn more about the item, Please read our guide on How to get Muku cookies in Super Mario Rpg.

The Sea

After speaking with the elder and purchasing the necessary supplies for your journey, don’t forget to save your game in the inn before heading out to the world map and exploring the next Star Piece location at the Sea.

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