How to Get to the Elite Four in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

You can get to the Elite Four by going to the Indigo Plateau after navigating Victory Road. After beating the eight gym leaders in the region, head to Viridian City to get to Route 22 to start your Pokémon League journey.

From Viridian City

As mentioned, the prerequisite for you to gain access to the Pokémon League is completing the eight gym badges. Once you’ve done so and have sufficiently trained your Pokémon, head to Viridian City to get started. It is recommended to bring your strongest party for the journey and to bring Pokémon who have learned Surf and Strength as you would need them to solve some of the puzzles in Victory Road.

When you get to Viridian City, from the Pokémon Center, make your way to Route 22 by going to the path to the left until you reach the area with the tall grass and the ledge with some brick road up ahead.

As you walk along the brick road, you’ll meet your rival once more. He’ll challenge you to battle one more time before heading to the Pokémon League. Whip him in battle yourself to continue along.

Continue walking up the short path until you jump a ledge towards some tall grass to reach the front gate of the Pokémon League.

When you enter the first room, there will be a guard who’ll check for your Boulderbadge.

The next guard outside will also ask if you have the Cascadebadge to be let through.

You’ll encounter six more checkpoints, some of which you’d need to use Surf to access. The guards will check your badges each time before letting you through. Eventually, you will reach the last guard who will check if you have the Earthbadge in your possession.

After confirming it for him, go on up ahead to see the cave that leads to Victory Road.

Inside Victory Road

Once you enter, your first order of business is to have your Pokémon use Strength on the boulder right in front of you.

elite four

Move the boulder in the direction indicated in the map below:

The goal is to have the boulder be pressing on the circular, button-like tile. This gives you access to new areas in the cave previously blocked by rocks.

Once the boulder is on the tile, backtrack the way you came from and go up the steps, fighting the trainer along the way.

Continue ahead, down the steps and up to fight another trainer near the stairs. Here’s the full directions using the map as reference below:

On the next floor, go down a bit to find another boulder. Use Strength on it to push it around towards the tile.

Go up the steps just above you and fight the karate trainer just up ahead.

Head down and go up to another set of stairs. The map below shows you which way to go:

Once you arrive in the new area, have your Pokémon use Strength on the boulder above you.

Prepare to move it a few ways to your left, until you reach the tile surrounded with rocks like so.

Maneuver the boulder to sit atop the tile by moving it this way:

With the rock in place, go back the way you came from and come up the cliff steps. There’s a trainer here you can battle or avoid to continue ahead.

Follow the path until you climb down the cliff steps to the area where there are two trainers standing almost back-to-back. Again, you can choose to either engage them in battle or skip past them as you make your way through.

Continue making your way to the right until you find another boulder, this time, sitting precariously next to a hole.

Have your Pokémon use Strength again to push the boulder through the hole. Follow along and jump into the hole yourself to get transported into a new area.

You land with a boulder to your side, the same boulder you pushed through the hole. Use Strength again and keep pushing it to your left.

Eventually it will land directly on top of the button tile.

Go back the way you came from, up the steps and past the trainer standing in front of a rock. You can choose to battle him and once you’re done, go on up the set of stairs in front of you.

You arrive at a smaller area with two more trainers just above you. Battle them or avoid them, but continue on up ahead to find another set of stairs. Climb down in it.

When you get off the stairs, you’ll find one guy near it, next to a rock. He’s not a trainer, but he’ll teach you the move Double-Edge as congrats for making it this far. Once done with him, you can find the cave exit directly to your right.

You come out of Victory Road into Route 23, and when you urge on ahead, you’ll find yourself in Indigo Plateau, the seat of the Elite Four!

Go on inside to find a Pokémon Center, a Poké mart with everything you might need for your upcoming challenge, and even that guy that cheers you on in each gym is here.

Save up, prepare, and once you’re ready, you can go ahead to challenge the Elite Four!

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