How to Get Tyrogue in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

You can get Tyrogue by breeding either Hitmonchan or Hitmonlee with a Ditto. Head to Four Island’s Daycare Center and leave your Pokémon. Come back to them after some time to retrieve the egg they had produced and hatch it into Tyrogue.

Four Island’s Daycare Center

The Daycare Center in-game can only be found in Four Island. Once you’ve arrived on the island, head to the Daycare Center and use their PC machine to withdraw Ditto and your Hitmon Pokémon. You can get either Hitmonchan or Hitmonlee by beating the Black Belt trainers in Saffron City’s Fighting Dojo.

Leave them to the care of the old lady behind the counter. You can check back with her husband outside to see how the Pokémon are doing.

You can walk around for a bit or do some quests to give the Pokémon time to bond in the daycare. When you come back, you’ll find that the old man had stepped out of his usual position. Talk to him and he reveals your Pokémon pair had produced an egg.

Make sure you have an empty slot in your Pokémon party to receive the egg from the old man. Once you have the egg in your possession, you can check its info page to know where it is in the hatching process.

As per its description, it will take some time for the egg to hatch. Hatching an egg requires a certain number of steps depending on the Pokémon hatchling. You can walk around, periodically checking in your egg if it’s about to hatch. A good place to keep on walking about uninterrupted is the underground tunnels from Cerulean City to Vermillion City.

After some time, you’ll get a text prompt of the egg hatching. Watch the brief cutscene to welcome your new Tyrogue!

Evolving Tyrogue

Tyrogue is the lowest evolution form of the Hitmon Pokémon.

If Tyrogue has a high attack stat than the rest of its attributes, it will evolve into Hitmonlee.

If you’re aiming to get Hitmonlee, you can make sure Tyrogue has a higher attack stat by feeding it Protein vitamins. You can buy these in Celadon City.

Meanwhile, if your Tyrogue has a higher defense stat than the others, the baby Pokémon will evolve into Hitmonchan.

If you want Hitmonchan, purchase Iron vitamins to make sure Tyrogue gets a higher defense stat.

get tyrogue

If you want Hitmonchan, purchase Iron vitamins to make sure Tyrogue gets a higher defense stat.

Breeding Tyrogue is one way of acquiring the Hitmon Pokémon for your Pokédex collection. All of Tyrogue’s forms are great additions to your Pokémon party, and one is not necessarily better than the other. Keep on breeding Tyrogue to acquire all of his three evolutions!

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