How to Get Togetic in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

You can get Togetic by evolving your Togepi anytime as long as it has a high friendship skill. Hatch Togepi from the egg you receive from the gentleman in Five Island. Raise its friendship skill to have it evolve into Togetic.

Getting Togepi’s Egg

Togepi’s egg can be found on Five Island. Cross the Water Labyrinth to find a small patch of land on Five Island’s eastern coast to find the gentleman who has the egg. He will hand you Togepi’s egg if the lead Pokémon in your party has a high enough friendship with you.

Walk a certain number of steps to hatch Togepi’s egg.

Raising Friendship stats for Togepi

Togepi is one of the few Pokémon whose evolution does not rely on its level. Togepi will only evolve once it reaches a high level of friendship with you as a trainer. Although friendship is an invisible stat in the game, there are ways to raise a Pokémon’s friendship.

One way of raising the friendship stat with Togepi is keeping them at your party at all times. For a certain number of steps, Togepi’s friendship raises a bit if kept alive and well.

Using Togepi in battle is also a good way to raise friendship points. Higher friendship points can be obtained when you have Togepi fight in important battles with gym trainers or Elite Four champions. Try to avoid having Togepi faint or die from status effects as it counts as neglect and will subtract on your friendship points.

Items such as vitamins and healing potions also make you closer to Togepi. When you use an item on Togepi, pay attention to how it approaches the screen – the closer it gets to you the deeper your bond is. It can give you an idea of how your relationship with Togepi is improving.

A sure way to know your level of friendship with your Pokémon is by visiting Daisy Oak, Gary’s sister and Prof. Oak’s granddaughter in Pallet Town. She can tell you what your Pokémon thinks of you.

For example, newly caught Pokémon mostly have lower friendship stats, so Daisy has the following text prompt:

If you have a good relationship with your Pokémon, Daisy says your Pokémon looks happy and wishes Gary would emulate the way you treat your Pokémon.

A Pokémon with a maxed-out friendship stat will have Daisy comment on how the Pokémon is happy beyond words and couldn’t possibly love you any more than it does now.

While you continue to improve your relationship with Togepi, you may come across Daisy advising you that the Pokémon is starting to warm up to you.

Daisy can also offer to groom your Pokémon for you, which raises the friendship stat even further.

Eventually, when Togepi’s friendship stat is considerably high enough, it will evolve to Togetic on its next level up. Make sure you have the National Pokedex upgrade or else Togepi’s next form won’t appear.

Togetic, like Togepi, is one of the few Johto native Pokémon that appears at the end stages of the game when you’ve finished Sevii Islands’ quests.

Depending on the level your Togepi evolves, Togetic has the following move set.

Since both Togepi and Togetic cannot be caught in the wild, you can use your Togetic to mate and breed with a Ditto to produce more Togepi eggs.

Togepi and Togetic are worthwhile Pokémon to hatch to raise. Train them and see what more they can accomplish with you on your journey.

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